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Accops Simplifies Security for Work From AnyWhere

Accops empowers modern enterprises with agility, flexibility, and affordability by providing secure and instant remote access to business applications from any device and network. Accops comprehensive suite of workspace virtualization, access gateway, and identity management solutions helps organizations consolidate their distributed end-user application infrastructure and bring endpoint management to the data center, improving overall network security and reducing IT operational costs.

Accops offers virtualization and Zero Trust-based remote access options, allowing deployment on-premises or on the cloud with perpetual or subscription-based licensing. Accops is a one-stop-shop for building a simple and integrated workspace for business users, offering seamless access to modern web applications, SaaS applications, client-server applications, legacy applications, virtual applications, and virtual desktops.

Bulwark Technologies is an authorised distributor for Accops Secure remote access, workspace virtualization, access gateway, and identity management solutions

Accops Offerings

Accops_Seamless Work From Anywhere Solution_Bulwark Technologies

Work From AnyWhere

Empower your business users with consistent access to web, legacy, virtual, and SaaS applications through a single portal. Our comprehensive solution provides a unified experience, enabling seamless productivity from anywhere.
Accops_On-demand Remote Work Security Solution_Bulwark Technologies

Remote Work Security

Achieve flexible yet centralized control to reinforce security and compliance for your hybrid workforce. Our solution enables on-demand access to remote work while ensuring maximum protection for your organization.
Accops_Enterprise-wide Authentication Solution_Bulwark Technologies

Enterprise Wide Authentication

Protect against threats by ensuring that only authorized personnel have access to your corporate resources in the right context. Safeguard your organization against security breaches and meet security compliance requirements.

How Accops Do It

Accops_End-user computing virtualization Solution_Bulwark Technologies

End-user computing virtualization

Empower your workforce by virtualizing a wide range of applications, which can be deployed on the cloud or on-premises, and delivered to any end-device, anywhere. Our solution enables seamless access to all the tools and resources your employees need to work efficiently and effectively.
Accops_Zero Trust Network Access Solution_Bulwark Technologies

Zero Trust Network Access

Reduce your attack surface and secure access to critical resources, even in a perimeter-less hybrid environment, by deploying ZTNA-based solutions. Our solution ensures that only authorized users have access to your network, applications, and data, without compromising security.
Accops_Identity & Access Management Solution_Bulwark Technologies

Identity & Access Management

Simplify identity and access management by delivering a comprehensive and integrated solution for MFA and SSO. Our unified IAM solution ensures that your employees have secure access to the resources they need while protecting your organization against unauthorized access.

Accops Products

Accops_Digital Workspace Image_Bulwark Technologies

Accops Digital Workspace

One integrated solution to take care of remote access, VDI, MFA, identity federation, SSO & thin client needs.
Accops_HySecure_Zero-trust Access Gateway_Bulwark Technologies

Accops HySecure

Secure access to corporate applications, data and network services from anywhere, anytime
Accops_HyWorks_End User Virtualization_Bulwark Technologies

Accops HyWorks

Application & Desktop virtualization for secure access to corporate workspace from any device

Accops HyID

Contextual Access Control with Multi-Factor Authentication & SSO for on-premise & cloud applications
Accops_Nano_Read-only, Live OS in a USB_Bulwark Technologies

Accops HyNano

Instant, secure access to business applications & virtual desktops for BYOD users

Accops DaaS Desktop as a Service

A fully managed, turnkey solution that provides a simplified yet feature-rich remote work infrastructure