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Cyberbit is a Leader in The Forrester Wave: Cybersecurity skills and Training Platform, Q4 2023

“Firms looking to prepare teams for current and emerging threats and bolster incident readiness should strongly consider Cyberbit”, according to the Forrester report.


Authorised Distributor for Cyberbit - Cyber Range in Middle East

Bulwark Technologies is an authorised value added distributor for Cyberbit – Cyber Range, One On-Demand Platform Covering the Entire Cybersecurity Skill Development, Training and simulation Lifecycle.

The Cyberbit platform provides security leaders with a single destination for managing all SOC readiness and skill development activities. Organizations use Cyberbit to benchmark and quantify their information security teams, plan and run skill development programs, screen candidates and train new hires. The Cyberbit platform provides hands-on cyber labs and the largest catalog of live-fire, simulated cyberattacks. Live-fire exercises run in a hyper-realistic cyber range that emulates real-world networks and provides commercial security tools, including SIEM, Firewall, and EDR products.

Cyberbit provides the world-leading cyber range, delivering hyper-realistic cyberattack simulations that maximize the skills of information security teams and students.


Develop Individual Skills in Cyber Labs

Maximize Team Skills in Live-Fire Attack Simulations


Benchmark Your Team and Identify Gaps

Align Team Skills with Industry Standards

One On-Demand Platform Covering the Entire Cybersecurity Skilling Lifecycle

Your Skill Management Center

Entire skill development lifecycle in one, SaaS platform. Screen candidates, onboard new hires, quantify your team’s capabilities, plan your skills development program, run live-fire cyber range exercises, and identify gaps, to ensure your team is ready to respond to the most recent threats.

Uncover Team Readiness

Stress-test your SOC team in a simulated attack and instantly retrieve your readiness score. Compare your performance to industry benchmarks. Share your progress with Management to prove the impact of your SOC investment.

Identify Your All-Star Talent

Get insights on each of your team member’s skills to ensure your resources accomplish their objectives

Get the Most Out of Your Security Solutions

Cyberbit ensures you get the most out of your technology investment by integrating commercial tools into hands-on exercises, proven to increase the impact of your security stack by over 25%.

Validate Team Skills in Live-Fire Cyber Range Exercises

Verify your team’s ability to respond to incidents by immersing them in simulated attacks. The hyper-realistic cyber range delivers the world’s largest catalog of live fire exercises, running in virtual SOC that include real-world networks and commercial security tools.

Develop Skills in Cyber Labs

Provide your team with the most effective and engaging way to develop their hands-on skills with a massive catalog of cyber labs. New labs are released each month allowing an individual to experience the latest threat vectors, understand defensive techniques, and master their security tools

Defend Your Cloud

Only platform to offer live-fire cloud security exercises using live AWS and Azure networks, simulating cloud attacks. These exercises ensure that your team is fully prepared with the skills for defending your cloud.

Crisis Simulation 360: Optimize for Cyber Crisis Response & Recovery

Cyberbit is the only platform that delivers crisis simulations bringing executive and incident response teams together in a collaborative exercise that simulates the escalations and communications between technical and nontechnical teams just as they happen in a real-world crisis.

Align with Industry Standards

The MITRE ATT&CK Framework is integrated to ensure your team has the right skillset and knowledge to successfully respond to cyber-attacks. NICE Work Roles and KSATs are mapped to plan, build, and assess employee skills development in line with industry best practices and needs.

Hire Faster and Reduce Hiring Errors

Avoid unreliable CVs and lengthy interviews, and upgrade to hands-on screening to optimize your hiring. Assessing candidates with Cyberbit shortens hiring by 50%, in average.

Keep Employee Certifications Active and Up to Date

Cyberbit makes it easy for cybersecurity professionals to keep their certifications current and active. Time spent developing skills on Cyberbit earns CPE credits from (ISC)2 with automated CPE submission upon completion of skills development modules.

Stay Up to Date with the Latest Threats

We provide your team with weekly updates about the most recent vulnerabilities, ransomware strains, and any other new threats your team should be aware of, as well as weekly labs allowing them to experience threats hands-on and be fully prepared.

Cyberbit- Cyber Range Platform Leading Provider

Cybersecurity Training, Skill Development and Simulation Platform

One On-Demand Platform Covering the Entire Cybersecurity Skill Development, Training and Simulation Lifecycle