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Enterprise ready DLP and Insider Threat Protection Solution from Safetica

Discover, classify, analyze, and protect data intuitively with a seamless user experience. Stop threats and stay compliant with regulations and industry standards

Shield your data with Safetica. Stop data leaks. Spot insider risks.

Stay ahead of data security challenges with a trusted Data Loss Prevention and Insider Risk Management Solution.

Bulwark Technologies is an Authorised Distributor for Safetica DLP and Insider Threat Protection Solution

Safetica - DLP - Portfolio - Bulwark Technologies

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Safetica ONE-Data loss prevention(DLP) - Bulwark Technologies

Data loss can occur any time your sensitive data is accidentally or intentionally shared: an email with sensitive materials gets forwarded to a competitor, a laptop with company database gets stolen or an employee walks away with comprehensive client lists.

With Our DLP solution from Safetica, you will be prepared to face all these adversities head-on. Data loss prevention (DLP) solutions track this unwanted data loss or theft, report on it and can even prevent those accidents thanks to rules and policies

Safetica DLP - Audit Sensitive data - Bulwark Technologies

Audit Sensitive data to understand the flow and Context

Safetica DLP - Protect and secure sensitive data

Protect and Secure sensitive data with security policies which control your company's data

Safetica DLP - Automated reports and real time alerts

Set up automated reports and real-time alerts for actionable events that require intervention

Insider Threat Protection

Safetica ONE insider threat Prevention - Bulwark Technologies

Insider Threat Protection proactively identifies security threats and prevents them before they turn into data loss. By adding humans into the mix and analyzing the behavior of individuals and the whole company, we can detect anomalies that could point to potential risks. This way, we can predict trends in behavior and stop problems before they happen. Behavior analysis can also be used to simplify maintenance (such as semi-automatic creation of safe zones), educate users with a tendency to behave in an unsafe manner, or dynamically alert the admin based on risky behavior, such as exporting thousands of sensitive files from company sharepoint at 3am

Regulatory Compliance

Every company needs to comply with regulations, from general protection of data to vertical-specific law and policies. Regulatory compliance means being aware of those rules and taking steps to comply with them. Non-compliance is a serious legal and reputation issue.

Safetica ONE - User Activity and workspace Audit Dashboard

User Activity & Workspace Audit

With Safetica ONE, Get real-time alerts and summary reports about your workspace and user activities

Data Discovery & Classification

Use advanced technologies to detect and label sensitive data based on Origin, workflow context, or file type. Take advantage of metadata detection to use 3rd party classifications. Allow users to classify files themselves.

Safetica ONE offers four types of data categories:

Data Loss Prevention - Safetica ONE

Protect your company against data loss and insider threat with Safetica

Bulwark Technologies helps you understand security risks of your company and walk you through benefits of Safetica solutions.

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