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Accops HyID

Adaptive context-aware MFA and SSO for on-premise and Cloud Applications

Accops HyID enables Multi-factor Authentication and Single Sign on for on-premise and Cloud Applications

Accops HyID is a futuristic identity and access management solution with MFA and SSO that safeguards critical business applications and data from misuse by internal as well as external users, by managing user identities and monitoring user access.
HyID provides enterprises with strong control over endpoints, enabling contextual access, device entry control and flexible policy framework. The out-of-the-box MFA is compatible with all modern and legacy apps, cloud and on-prem apps. It enables strong authentication based on OTP delivered via SMS, email and app, biometrics, and device hardware ID & PKI. Single sign-on (SSO) feature provides better security and convenience.

Organizations can monitor security posture of the endpoints, including BYOD devices, and grant or deny access based on real-time risk assessment. With HyID in place, the system can generate alerts if access to any corporate application by a user breaches the set risk thresholds, enabling organizations to detect and prevent identity thefts and misuse of privilege rights. Detailed audit logs on who accessed what, when and how, enable compliance with regulatory norms

Bulwark Technologies is an authorised distributor for Accops HYID identity and Access management solution with Multi-factor Authentication and Single Sign On for On-Premise and Cloud Applications.

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IDENTITY Management

Allow access to only authorized users

Grant access to the right corporate assets for the authorized users in the right context.

Protect all your applications

Protect corporate resources and business apps, SaaS apps, network devices, desktop/server logins from unauthorized access

Enable industry standard authentication

Integrate with industry standard authentication mechanisms like AD, LDAP and provide for SSO using SAML/OAuth. Also enable password-less authentication.

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Accops HyID_Access Management_Bulwark Technologies

ACCESS Management

Reduce risks with centralized control

Have centralized access control and provide context-based access to apps, network devices, desktop/server logins.

Mitigate risks associated with remote access

Allow/deny access or enforce further authentication based on multiple parameters like user's location, device health, browser used, access time, etc. Just-in-time grant of privileged access and revocation when not needed.

Secure access from unmanaged devices

Establish identity using multiple tokens like SMS, Email, PC software, mobile app to ensure secure access from unmanaged devices.


Ensure compliance with regulatory norms

Ensure that business is always in control of data, meeting all data privacy & data security guidelines of regulatory bodies like GDPR, RBI, HIPAA, EPCS, GLBA etc.

Enable multi-factor authentication

Quickly enable MFA, including biometric authentication, which is compatible with all modern and legacy apps.

Highlight all security exceptions

Get a pictorial representation of access paterns, including geographical location and other parameters. All suspicious activities are highlighted.

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Features of Accops HyID

Accops_HyID_Features_MFA_Bulwark Technologies

Accops_HyID_Features_Biometric Authentication_Bulwark Technologies

Accops_HyID_Features_SSO_Bulwark Technologies

Accops_HyID_Features_Privilege Identity Management_Bulwark Technologies

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Why Accops HyID


On-Premise solution with all modern MFA features


Integrated Access Portal


Device Trust Security with full device inventory & health view


Password-less authentication with push notification, SSO with 2FA support


Compatibility with all legacy, modern and SaaS applications


Lower TCO with maximum features compared to competitors


Biometric server inclusive


Contextual access based on multiple device parameters


Features HyID Silver HyID Gold HyID Platinum
Integrated workspace access portal to access any private applications (web apps, client-server apps), virtual applications and virtual desktops, Cloud Apps, SaaS applications
Reverse Proxy Gateway for clientless access to web applications
Remote access to web application, SaaS apps
Self-service for password and account lockout management
User Authentication Support: Microsoft Active Directory, LDAP, Novell e-Directory, Local Database
User Authentication Support: RADIUS Server, SAML, ADFS, oAuth
SSO for web & SaaS apps using SAML, oAuth (IDP initiated authentication)
MFA using OTP tokens (SMS, Email), Mobile App token, hardware token
MFA using FIDO Security Keys
MFA using push notification to Desktops
MFA using push notification to Smart phones
Contextual login and app access based on device Identity
Contextual login and app access based on on device location, health and more advanced parameters (Device classification service)
MFA connector for SAML supported apps (SP initiated auth) & ADFS
MFA connector with Apps supporting RADIUS (network devices, etc)
MFA connector with AD integrated apps using LDAP Proxy
MFA connector for Accops biometric server & 3rd party biometric (face & fingerprint) authentication server
Contextual MFA and step up authentication
Contextual MFA based on device ID, user ID, application accessed, location, time
Identity Lifecycle Management: Identity provisioning and life cycle management for 50 plus apps with built-in connectors
Comprehensive Privilege Access Management
Built-in load balancing of user traffic for virtual apps & desktops and other private applications: load balancing algo; resource utilization, application availability, round robin
Integration with Accops Reporting Server


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Accops HyID - MFA and SSO for on-premise and Cloud Applications

Accops HyID provides flexible, simplifies and integrated Multifactor Authentication and SSO services for user authentication including one-time password, digital certification & biometric based  authentication.

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