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Secure Your Storage & Backups systems with Continuity™ Software

Now Automatically detect and fix all security risks – to harden your storage & backup systems against ransomware. Bulwark Technologies is a value added distributor for Continuity Software – Storage and backup security system solution.

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Authorised Distributor for Continuity Software - Storage and Backup Security

Bulwark Technologies is an authorised value added distributor for continuity software – Storage and backup system security solution in India and Middle East.

New ransomware groups are targeting storage and backup systems (e.g., Conti, Hive and REvil). However, storage & backup are currently the only infrastructure layers NOT COVERED by traditional vulnerability management solutions. This is a glaring blind spot, since the working assumption should be that some attacks will succeed. When that happens, storage and backups are your last line of defense.

Continuity’s StorageGuard is the industry’s ONLY security posture management solution for storage & backup systems, helping you protect your most valuable data, and ensuring data recoverability in case of a breach. For the first time, get complete visibility of security risks across your storage & backup systems, automatically prioritized in order of business impact, and with clear remediation guidelines. Now’s the time to get the peace of mind that your storage & backup systems can withstand a ransomware attack

With the rise in cybersecurity threats, Continuity™ is the only solution provider that helps enterprises protect their data, by securing their storage systems – both on-premises and in the cloud. 

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Detect all security misconfigurations and vulnerabilities in your storage, backup & data protection systems


Act upon your most urgent security misconfigurations and vulnerabilities, where you’re most at risk


Ensure all your storage & backup systems can withstand ransomware and other attacks, to prevent data loss


Guarantee your storage, backup and data protection systems are compliant with security regulations and standards

Enterprise Storage and Backup Security

Securely Configure and Harden your Storage and Backups - Continuity™

For the first time, get complete visibility of all security risks in your storage, backup, and data protection systems