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Accops HyWorks

Application and Desktop Virtualization for secure access to corporate workspaces from any device

Accops HyWorks Overview - Application and Desktop Virtualization Solution

Accops HyWorks is a comprehensive product that simplifies the way IT team manages and secures apps, devices and network, to provide safe and seamless access to all the tools that employees need to perform at their best. And the centralized endpoint management makes it easy to control and manage all devices, virtual desktops and applications from a central location.

HyWorks not only helps you create a secure work environment but also reduces complexities, allowing your workforce to focus their creativity on core business activities, rather than worrying about system glitches, software updates or cyber threats, thereby increasing productivity and reducing costs. Accops HyWorks gives the modern-day professional, flexibility and agility to work anywhere, anytime and on any device, enhancing job satisfaction and engagement.

Bulwark Technologies is an authorised distributor for Accops HyWorks Application and Desktop virtualization solution

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Improve security by consolidation

Control every device, apps & OS in your network to prevent security breach, by virtualizing & delivering desktop apps from centralized datacenter.

Protect critical applications by isolation

Run critical apps in an isolated environment, hiding them from users' devices and networks, preventing malware attacks and data leakage attempts.

Safe internet Browsing

Isolate internet from corporate networks via remote virtual browser, to enable a clean network and fend off cyber attacks.

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Instant access to business apps from anywhere

Provide anywhere, anytime access to business apps to increase mobility & productivity.

Empower BYOD Users

Allow employees, consultants and vendors to use devices of their choice, without having to compromise with security or to hinder workflow.

Secure Developer Access

Allow 3rd party developers to remotely access software development tools, leaving no data trace on users' devices to ensure regulatory compliance.


Adhere to GDPR & other regulations

Ensure that business is always in control of data meeting existing data privacy guidelines and those that are coming up.

Meet industry specific regulatory compliances

Meet compliances related to enterprise computing by making the end user device non-significant and moving all management to datacenter.

Switch to Windows 10

Upgrade seamlessly to Windows 10 OS from the older versions to avail benefits of the latest features without requiring changes in end devices.

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Secure and cost-effective outsourcing

Using Accops' desktop and application virtualization solution, allow vendors to access business apps from their own devices & offices enabling cost-effective outsourcing.

Simple application delivery

Source apps installed on Microsoft RDS server, Microsoft App-V or through app streaming products and deliver the subset to end users.

Green computing and opex savings

Move to server based computing to reduce the application, data & endpoint management costs. Adopt low configuration devices, reducing power consumption by 10X.

Why Accops HyWorks


Unique solution with integrated thin client management


Single solution works as both, application virtualization solution as well as desktop virtualization solution


Support for Linux-based virtual applications and desktops


Hypervisor agnostic, works with VMWare vSphere, Nutanix AHV, Microsoft Hyper-v, Azure, AWS, Google Cloud and more


When combined with Accops HySecure and HyID, creates zero trust network


Remote upgradation of firmware and clients in endpoints


User experience monitoring and management


Flexible, Agile, Affordable

Features of Accops HyWorks

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Objective HyWorks Silver HyWorks Gold Digital Workspace
Windows 10/8/7 based Personal Virtual Desktop
Windows Server based Personal Virtual Desktop
Linux based Personal Virtual Desktop
Windows 10 based Shared/Pooled Virtual Apps & Desktop in Azure
Windows Server based Shared/Pooled Virtual Desktop
Linux based Shared/Pooled Hosted Desktops
Windows 10 based Virtual Applications
Windows Server based Virtual Applications
Linux based Virtual Applications
Remote access to physical PCs: dedicated/floating pool management
Support for on-premise VMWare vSphere, Nuntanix AHV, Microsoft Hyper-v, Microsoft SCVMM with complete VM provisioning, power management and monitoring for delivering virtual apps & desktops.
Support for Azure WVD with complete VM provisioning, power management, and monitoring for delivering virtual apps & desktops.
Support for dynamic power management with customized per day plan to save on Azure cost.
Support for AWS Cloud with complete VM provisioning, power management, and monitoring for delivering virtual apps & desktops and with dynamic power management with customized per day plan to save on AWS cost.
Support for KVM, Xen, GCP for Virtual apps & pooled shared desktop delivery
VM provisioning automation using linked cloning function for VMWare vSphere & Microsoft Hyper-v with SCVMM including recompose
User Experience Monitoring and Management
Self-Service for Users for Session performance management
Virtual IP address for each user session for pooled desktop or virtual apps users
Accops Shell for virtual desktops
Secure File upload/download work flow
Application isolation using MSIX packages with efficient one click application delivery
User profile management using FSLogix and UPD
Contextual Application access and application sandboxing for virtual apps & virtual desktops
Seamless USB peripheral redirection for virtual desktops and virtual apps running on personal virtual desktops with Windows 10 or Linux
Enhanced USB peripheral redirection for pooled virtual desktops and virtual apps running on Microsoft RDS Server
Add on Component
Add on Component
Support for eTokens for digital certificate signing on Windows or Linux based virtual apps and desktops
Built-in reports and support for external SIEM servers

FEATURES - Accops HyWorks

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Accops HyWorks - Application and Desktop Virtualization with Endpoint Management

Create, manage and deliver hosted applications & virtual desktop from datacenter. Accops Hyworks complimented with HyDesk provides 360 degree management of the endpoint device as well, making it a single window solution to manage & deliver application & desktops to endpoints across the organization

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Accops HyWorks is a true work-from-home solution that enables instant and secure remote access to corporate applications from anywhere, any device & any network.

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