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ESET Protect Platform

Experience our cloud-first XDR cybersecurity platform that combines AI-native next-gen prevention, detection and proactive threat hunting. Stay on top of evolving threats thanks to a wide range of services, including managed detection and response.

Authorised Distributor for ESET Protect Platform | Bulwark Technologies

Bulwark Technologies is an authorised distributor for ESET Protect Platform. A Unified cybersecurity platform that integrates balanced breach prevention, detection and response capabilities, complemented by ESET managed and professional service, and threat intelligence. It is simple, modular, adaptable, and continously innovated – always with the benefit of customers in mind.


Intelligence Feeds, APT Reports

In-depth and actionable intelligence from ESET’s world-renowned lab, provided via feeds and reports, that will fortify your organization against APTs, botnets, and other types of attack


Security Services, Detection and Response

Maximum protection, complete cyber risk management and granular visibility into your IT environment via ESET’s most comprehensive detection and response. Access proactive Threat Hunting via ESET MDR and XDR via ESET Inspect.


Advanced Threat Defense, Cloud App Protection, Authentication, Encryption and Vulnerability & Patch Management

Additional security layers comprising cloud-based threat defense against targeted attacks and new threat types, especially ransomware. Dedicated protection for cloud office suites, and multi-factor authentication and encryption solutions to harden access protection. Actively track and fix vulnerabilities in operating systems and apps.


Mail Server Security, SharePoint Security, Endpoint Protection, Server Security, Mobile Threat Defense

Multiple layers of prevention and detection, leveraging ESET’s unique technologies, that work together to protect your organization’s endpoints, devices, file servers, mail servers and SharePoint products.


Choose from ESET PROTECT Platform tiers

ESET_Protect Entry_logo - Bulwark Technologies

Modern multilayered endpoint protection featuring strong machine learning and easy-to-use management

ESET_Protect Advanced_logo - Bulwark Technologies

Best in class endpoint protection against ransomware & zero day threat,  powerful data security

ESET_Protect Complete_logo - Bulwark Technologies

Complete, multilayered protection for endpoints, cloud apps and email. The #1 threat vector

ESET_Protect Elite_logo - Bulwark Technologies

All in one prevention, detection & response combining enterprise grade XDR with multilayer protection

Security Operations

Improve collaboration, reduce risk.

Security Management

Protect your network, secure your data.

IT Operations

Improve work flows, reduce costs.

Security Operations

ESET _Threat Hunting_icon

Threat Hunting

Investigate data events and alarms generated by ESET’s XDR-enabling solution, ESET inspector.

Incident response

Whenever a malicious executable, process or device is located, admins have access to contextual actions that they can implement immediately to remedy the issue.

IOC Search

View and block modules based on over 30 different indicators of compromise, including hash, registry modifications, file modifications and network connections



See root cause analysis, and full process tree, for any potentially malicious chain of events, allowing you to make informed decisions.

ESET_Enriched Context_image

Enriched Context

The “maliciousness” of an activity depends on the context. With proper device grouping, admins can identify if specific activitys should be performed by users on specific machines. Further context is provided thanks to ESET’s integration of the MITRE ATTACK framework.

Detection Rules

ESET Inspect includes a rules-based detection engine for indicators of attack. Rules that are designed to identify suspicious malicious behavior trigger detections according to defined severities.

Security Management

ESET_Vulnerability & Patch management_image

Vulnerability & Patch Management

Actively track and fix vulnerabilities in operating systems and applications across all endpoints.

Endpoint Detection

Guards against malicious system attacks on endpoints by controlling file, email and internet communication and applying appropriate remediation

Automated Response

ESET PROTECT is a robust platform interface that allows users to automate a variety of actions, including resolution of sophisticated incidents.

ESET_LiveGuard Detections_image

ESET LiveGuard Detections

Proactive cloud-based defense against zero-day and never-before-seen threat types.

ESET__Cloud Application Protection_image

Cloud Application Protection

An advanced layer of protection for cloud-based email, collaboration and storage apps (Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace).

Encryption & Multi-Factor Authentication

Fully validated encryption ensures your organization’s data is protected and helps you comply with laws and regulations. Seamless multi-factor authentication ensures access to your organization’s data is protected in compliance with laws and regulations.

IT - Operations

ESET_Device Control_image

Device Control

Allows admins to block or restricr read-or write-access to specifies devices such as USB drives, Bluetooth accessories or external hard drives.

ESET_Mobile Device Management_image

Mobile Device Management

A ready-to-use solution, integrated within our platform interface, that covers Android and Apple devices.

Web Control

Regulate access to websites with in appropriate or harmful content, or pages that may have a negative impact on productivity.

Firewall Management

Control all network traffic to and from the system by allowing or denying individual network connections based on specified filtering rules.

ESET_HW & SW Inventory_image

HW & SW Inventory

Retrieve hardware and software inventory details from connected devices, such as details about a device’s RAM, storage, processor, etc.

Rogue Device Management

Detect and control unknown or managed devices that are present on your network, and thereby mitigate potential security threats to your organization from unauthorized connections.

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