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Accops HySecure

Zero trust based secure application access gateway to enable enterprise mobility

Accops HySecure - Zero trust Remote Application Access Gateway

Accops HySecure is a Zero Trust-based Application Access Gateway that allows your workforce to safely log in to corporate applications and desktops, and access private applications they need to be efficient and productive.
HySecure removes barriers in terms of device, network and location, and lets your employees explore endless possibilities with utmost agility. Users can easily switch devices, move from trusted LAN to untrusted WAN, connect to internet or mobile network, and choose among browser, desktop client or mobile app to suit their requirements.

With out-of-the-box security features, organizations can provide compliant access to any corporate application – web apps, SaaS, client-server apps, legacy applications, virtual apps and desktops. With this ZTNA-based solution, enterprises can also secure access to their existing VDI & DaaS.

HySecure’s application tunnel based SPAN technology makes access to corporate resources simple, safe and swift, without requiring any network change or configuration of endpoint devices. HySecure’s Layer 4 to Layer 7 based technology creates a zero trust based access while creating a software defined perimeter (SDP) bringing together performance, management, and functionality required for enterprise remote access.

With HySecure, organizations can identify malicious login attempts based on geolocation details which imply unrealistic and impossible travel activity by users. HySecure also helps in identification of suspicious activities by providing real-time geographical heat map which shows the failed logins concentration, and continent-wise, country-wise and city-wise failed login details

Bulwark Technologies is an authorised distributor for Accops HySecure Zero Trust based Access gateway for Enterprise Applications and Data

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Enable access to office PCs, internal apps from home

Allow business users to access office PCs, internal web-apps, client-server apps, email server, SSH servers, file servers, RDP servers & any other apps without exposing your internal network to external threats and provide them with secure remote access from home.

Secure access for mobile users, vendors, BYOD users

Secure any business application and make it available to all internal and external users, for access from any personal laptops, desktops or smartphones.

Quickly get remote users onboard

Instantly enable on-demand remote access to any number of users, working from anywhere using any device.

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Enable access from unmanaged devices

Scan end devices in real-time to check device health based on AV status, firewall status, OS patch updates etc. Allow only compliant devices to access internal corporate resources.

Prevent data leakage in BYOD

Control functions like printing, screen shot, desktop session recording, file saving and more by creating a secure sandbox. Also limit access to internet to ensure secure remote access from home.

Monitor user behaviour

Monitor user productivity with per-user data points like log on time, log out time, and the time for which the user accessed each application.


Adhere to GDPR & other regulations

With integrated IAM solution, ensure that business is always in control of data, meeting all data privacy & data security guidelines of regulatory bodies like GDPR, RBI, HIPAA, EPCS, GLBA etc.

Enable multi-factor authentication

With our remote access solutions, you can quickly enable MFA, including biometric authentication, which is compatible with all modern and legacy apps.

Granular access policies

Enable strict security policies and allow/deny access or enforce further authentication based on multiple parameters like compliance, geofencing, time, device control, etc.

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Features of Accops HySecure

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Why Accops HySecure


SPAN technology based application access gateway


Lightweight and works faster on mobile networks


Hassle free software based solution


Integrated MFA with biometric authentication


Zero trust network access gateway


Strict device entry control to allow context-aware access from only authorized & compliant devices


Built-in Endpoint host scan for device compliance


Flexible and affordable: Virtual appliance based solution - any hypervisor, any cloud, scale anytime


Features HySecure Silver HySecure Gold HySecure Platinum
Integrated workspace access portal to access any private applications (web apps, client-server apps), virtual applications and virtual desktops, Cloud Apps, SaaS applications
Accops Workspace client for Windows, macOS & Linux for accessing web apps, client-server apps, SaaS apps, virtual apps & desktops from a single user interface
Secure Remote Access gateway with Accops SPAN technology based on application tunnels to create ZTNA-based access gateway and using latest TLS 1.3/1.2 protocol with latest cipher support
Secure Remote Access gateway with Accops Turbo technology to create a seamless network extension based on Datagram based tunnel and latest cipher support
Accops Workspace client for iOS & Android to access virtual apps & desktops and Microsoft RDP based connections inside Accops container
Accops Workspace client for iOS & Android to access native mobile apps & email client
Reverse Proxy Gateway for clientless access to web applications
Clientless access to Windows & Linux PC/VM using RDP using HTML5 supported browser (HyLite)
Seamless file transfer, endpoint security, USB redirection and other advanced features for Clientless portal using HTML5 browser
Remote access to web application, SaaS apps
Remote access to Internal applications; client-server, RDP, SSH, any other client-server applications, VDI solutions
Access to VOIP & other real time applications through UDP based tunnel for jitter free experience
Self-service for password and account lockout management
Contextual login and app access based on device Identity
Data copy protection on endpoint machine by blocking screen shot, clipboard, screen recorder blocking
Contextual MFA and step up authentication
Contextual MFA based on device ID, user ID, application accessed, location, time
Built-in load balancing of user traffic for virtual apps & desktops and other private applications: load balancing algo; resource utilization, application availability, round robin
Accops Reporting Server
Integration with Accops Reporting Server

FEATURES - Accops HySecure

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Accops HySecure - Secure Remote Access to Applications and Data

Accops HySecure is an application access gateway that enables secure access to corporate applications, desktops and network services from any device and any network, be it trusted LAN, WAN, internet or mobile network.

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