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Enterprise Mobile Messaging Solutions

Keep your system up and running at all times, with our impeccable enterprise mobility management solutions

Centralize alerts and notify the right people when seconds matter

Keep your system up and running at all times, with SendQuick enterprise mobility management solutions developed in Singapore. Our mobile messaging solutions can be deployed on-premises, cloud, as a hosted service and even on the virtual machine. This allows us to customize our enterprise mobility solutions to best fit your specific business needs. With our powerful SMS gateway and enterprise mobility services, internal and external communication channels are made much simpler, allowing your company to quickly address the concerns of all stakeholders in an instant.

SendQuick is your Innovative Partner for future-proof enterprise mobility solutions — used by over 1,500 corporations, with over 2,000 installations, including many Fortune Global 500 companies, in over 40 countries across the banking, finance, insurance, manufacturing, retail, government, education, and healthcare sectors

Bulwark Technologies is an Authorised disrtributor for SendQuick Enterprise Mobility Solution

They include IT Alerts & Notifications, Secure Remote Access via 2-Factor Authentication, Business Process Automation and Enterprise Messaging Broadcast. Our range of business mobile messaging solutions is geared towards providing security and confidentiality of company information and mitigating disruption during unplanned system downtime due to cyberattacks.

Connect SendQuick with the instant messaging applications

Manage all of your notifications from one location by seamlessly integrating your instant messaging applications with SendQuick. SendQuick connects with SMS, collaboration solutions like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Cisco Webex, as well as social messaging services such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, Viber, Telegram, and Messenger.


SendQuick Solutions​

As a leading enterprise mobility solutions provider, SendQuick offer reliable enterprise mobility management services for you to stay ahead of problems and improve communications across the entire business.. Improved communications help resolve issues faster. Real-time engagement is made possible with SendQuick’s mobile messaging solutions and SMS gateway, enabling employees to collaborate and communicate with their co-workers, suppliers, and clients.


IT Alerts and Notifications

Reduce systems & operations downtime with instant alerts.

Secure Remote Access with MFA

Minimize cyber-attacks with multi-factor authentication.


Business Process Automation

Send real-time notifications to customers.


Conversational Messaging

Ensure that your message to your customers gets read.