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SGBox Next Gen SIEM and SOAR

Defend your organizations from any cyber threats. SGBox can help your company protect its IT Infrastructure and Sinsitive Data. 

SGBox Unified SIEM and SOAR Platform to Manage ICT Security

SGBox is an all-in-one, modular and scalable SIEM and SOAR platform that allows you to protect your IT infrastructure by effectively counteracting any type of cyber threat.

SGBox has as its objective the centralized collection of logs, the analysis, the correlation and the monitoring of a large number of data coming from every type of source, in compliance with privacy regulations

Bulwark Technologies is an authorised distributor for SGBox SIEM And SOAR Platform


Network Visibility

Network security posture from a single point of view.

Security Analytics

Detect and investigate threats with advanced analytics.

Integrity Monitoring

Track authorized change to sensitive data.


Audit trail for users, processes and policies.

SGBox Platform

Modular & Customizable Solution

SGBox is a Next Generation SIEM & SOAR platform developed for cybersecurity control and management. Its modular and distributed architecture allows its use to be adapted to different business needs. The SGBox platform consists of 3 macro-areas, within which the different modules are developed. The modules operate in a synergistic way, exchanging the collected information and integrating the functionalities.

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SGBox Log Management

The Log Management module is at the heart of the solution. These modules allow you to track any security event to identify a potential risk, so you can quickly analyze and resolve the problem.



The Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) module introduces the functions of correlation of events generated by multiple security systems and devices, to promptly identify a potential threat and reduce reaction time.


SGBox Orchestration

With the orchestration feature, the platform automatically chooses how to intervene based on the collected information and predefined parameters.



The functionality of Network Vulnerability Scanner is independent of the other modules of the platform, and is considered as a "stand-alone" module.

SGBox Cybersecurity Products

Incident Management

Management of incidents and anomalies detected by the other modules of the platform.

Log Management

Collection of any type of log in accordance with privacy regulations.

User Behaviour Analytics

Analysis and monitoring of user behavior and intervention in case of anomalies.

Advanced Event Search

Management of incidents and anomalies detected by the other modules of the platform.

Network Vulnerability Scanner

Identify vulnerabilities and wrong configurations in your IT infrastructure.

Advanced Directory Auditor

Active Directory status monitoring.

Threat Intelligence Feed

Analysis of intelligence feeds to prevent threats before they occur.

File Intigrity

File integrity and anomalies monitoring.

Event Correlation

Creates correlation rules to reduce reaction times to a threat.

How SGBox is Different from other SIEM

Modularity and Scalability

SGBox is composed of a modular architecture that allows you to choose the features in a progressive way, according to your security needs.

Progressive Licensing

Thanks to the segmentation of the functionalities. SGBox allows you to selectively address the required modules, offering you a price commensurate with the actual use.

Compliance with the GDPR

SGBox guarantees the integrity of the data, which is affixed a time stamp and a digital signature that make it immutable and secure

Constant Price

The price of SGBox does not vary over time being based on the number of sources that send the logs instead of the collected data volume (GB) or log per second (EPS)

Different Modes of Installation

SGBox can be easily installed within your network or in cloud, Single or Multitenant versions. In both modes, SGBox Managed Services can be managed. SGBox is installed on a virtual or physical machine.

License Type

The License of SGBox NG-SIEM is based on the number of modules and logs collected. It is available in "Subscription" mode with 1 to 3 year duration contracts or in "Perpetual" modes.

Easy Licensing Model

The first SIEM at a predicable price, unlimited data and transparent licensing model.

The license cost is based on the total number of devices sending logs, not on the obsolete volume of data or event per second (EPS) count.

SGBox SIEM and Log management - license cost is based on the total number of devices sending logs, NOT on the obsolete volume of data or event per second (EPS) count - Bulwark Technologies

SGBox Deployment Options

SGBox can be implemented on the Cloud, in the Datacenter of organizations, in Multi-tenant version and as Saas.

Whether you need complete control of your SGBox solution in your infrastructure or simply want a solution with no infrastructure to manage, we offer the flexibility you need.

Each option unlocks all benefits and features. As a result, time-to-value is significantly reduced.

SGBox SIEM Deployment Options_ Bulwark Technologies


SGBox Next-Gen SIEM and SOAR Platform

The SGBox platform offers extensive, integrated, and automated protections across the digital attack surface, protecting critical devices, data, applications, and connections from the data center to the cloud.