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Ekran System

Full Cycle Insider Risk Management

Bulwark Technologies Pvt Ltd is an authorised value added distributor for Ekran System Full Cycle Insider Risk Management Solution.

Authorised Distributor for Ekran System

Bulwark Technologies being an authorised distributor for Ekran System Full cycle insider risk Management solutions safeguard organizations against all forms of insider threat risks.

Ekran System monitoring and session recording functionality is based on advanced screen video recording module enhanced with multi-layer indexing metadata that includes application names, visited URLs, opened files, typed commands, run script content, keystrokes, connected devices, and more details. The product detection capabilities include smart alert system with optional automated incident response toolset. Identity and access management capabilities include full-powered PASM, one-time passwords, multi-factor authentication and other tools. Ekran System supports per-endpoint and jump server deployments as well as any hybrid scheme.


With the Ekran System extensive capabilities for identity management and access control, you can effectively deter any insider threat risks


Any malicious activity will be immediately detected with the Ekran System functionality for user activity monitoring and alerts and notifications management.


Leave no changes to insiders by disrupting any efforts of enterprise data exfiltration with the Ekran System powerful tools for incident response and investigation.

How Ekran System mitigates insider risks

Ekran System combines three essential insider security controls: activity monitoring, access management, and identity management. Functionality is provided in a single universal software platform delivering light-weight agents for all types of endpoints.

Powerful User/ Employee Activity Monitoring

Ekran System covers each node of your infrastructure and provides insights into user activity while securing critical data and commercial secrets.

Real time user activity alerts & Incident Response

Ekran System immediately informs security officers about security incidents with activity alerts and lets them take quick incident response actions.

Light Weight Privilege access Management

Leverage the lightweight Ekran System Client to secure access for privileged users and ensure they access only the resources they need for work purposes.