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Automated IT Alerts and Notifications to Minimize Downtime

Keep your system up and running with SendQuick’s comprehensive IT alert and notification management system. Minimize downtime with instant alerts and notifications to the right people.

Receive Instant Critical Alerts Before Your IT Systems Fail

The growing importance of digitalisation across different business units, including customer service, logistics, administration, marketing or finance, makes it a priority for organisations to maintain continuous network uptime to ensure business continuity.

Therefore, it is vital that key IT personnel receive alerts and notifications when there is a impending issue with the IT systems. Potential risks which may lead to network downtime and significant costs to the enterprise must be mitigated promptly. Headquartered in Singapore, SendQuick goes beyond more than just a local SMS gateway provider. We offer a reliable and comprehensive omnichannel IT alert solution and notification platform for businesses of all industries to thrive.

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Key Features of SendQuick IT Alerts and Notifications Solution

Real-time Alerts & Omni-channel Notifications

Our text message alert system will send instant notifications on critical issues. Receive your automated text alert on major messaging platforms such as voice, SMS, Email, and social messengers such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Business, LINE, Viber, Telegram, WeChat, as well as collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex and Slack.

Centralize Your IT Systems

SendQuick integrates with numerous on-premises and SaaS-based IT infrastructure monitoring tools such as Solarwinds, LogRhythm, Fortinet, ManageEngine, splunk etc.

Multiple Integration Method

SendQuick’s notification platform allows you to convert email to SMS (SMTP-to-Text), SNMP trap to SMS and Syslog to text with policy filters to ensure that only the relevant messages are sent. Additional integration includes REST API, SFTP and others

Avoid Alert Fatigue & Notify the right people

Alert fatigue can be avoided by configuring the Trigger Mode, Monitoring Frequency, Alert Mode and Email Filters. Roster management with 5 levels of escalation ensures only relevant personnel on duty will be alerted. Never miss out on another text message alert again. Send the right alerts to the right people.

SendQuick IT Alert and Notification Overview

Types of IT Alerts and Notifications Use Cases

We Connect to these Systems

SendQuick now provides its SMS alert solution to over 40 countries globally. Our alert management system allows you to easily integrate your applications and manage all your alerts from a single point.


Three ways to get started with SendQuick IT Alerts and Notifications

SendQuick IT Alerts and Notifications-Appliance


SendQuick IT Alerts and Notifications-Cloud


Virtual Machine

SendQuick IT Alerts & Notifications Solutions

SendQuick Alert

IT Alerts and Notification Messaging Gateway Works with firewall, IDS/IDP, antivirus, server monitoring software and others to send instant and concise alert messages on the events happening in the office and data centres.

SendQuick Alert Plus

Enhanced IT Systems Alerts and Notification SMS messaging gateway Easily integrates with network devices, as well as infrastructure like backup power management system, cable management system and network monitoring servers.

SendQuick Entera

Comprehensive Notification Management Platform with Onmichannel Messaging for IT Alerts, Transaction Notifications, Marketing Campaigns and Broadcasting. Automates backend business process messaging across various IT departments, and integrates well with applications, messaging and communications servers, as well as security and network administration servers.

SendQuick Cloud

Get Notified When Your IT Systems Fail. A systems availability monitoring and notification management platform that works with public cloud services.

SendQuick Avera

Single, All-in-One Appliance for Essential System Monitoring and Alert System. A simple, plug and play active 2-way monitoring solution that also gives you a consolidated view of your notifications and responses.

SendQuick Alert

Plug-and-play IT Alert & Notification Messaging gateway

An entry level IT Alert & Notification messaging gateway if you do not need network monitoring. This cost-effective solution is robust and sturdy in performance. A simplified plug-and-play solution for your needs. SendQuick Alert is first choice for many IT departments wanting to have a cost-effective and high ROI centralised messaging solution.

SendQuick-IT-Alert-and Notification Management-Bulwark Technologies

Key Features - SendQuick Alert

SendQuick Alert Plus

Receive Instant Critical Alerts when your IT Systems Fail

Reduce downtime by sending out instant two-way alerts & notifications through SMS, messaging platforms such as Whatsapp, WeChat, Line, Viber, Telegram, Messenger or collaboration tools such as Slack, Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex. Protect revenue and improve customer experiences by resolving critical incidents faster and preventing future occurrences.

SendQuick-IT-Alert-and Notification Management-Bulwark Technologies

Key Features - SendQuick Alert Plus

SendQuick Entera

Business process automation solution with IT Alert Notification features

Replace Manual Procedures with Task Automation. Emergency broadcasts, delivery notifications, job dispatch messages, inventory updates, IT alerts and more.

Free up manpower resources by automating these backend processes, and get IT Alert Notifications to improve front-end customer service engagements.

SendQuick Entera - It Alert and Notification - Bulwark Technologies

How it Works - SendQuick Entera

Key Features - SendQuick Entera

SendQuick Cloud

Manage Your Cloud Incidents Get Notified When Your IT Systems Fail

SendQuick Cloud is a systems availability monitoring and notification management platform for the cloud. It works with public cloud services to monitor systems, applications, services and network. It can be easily configured to flag up issues to your staff on duty.

Key Features - SendQuick Cloud

Immediate Notifications

Sends immediate notifications on critical issues, providing you with visibility over your entire IT infrastructure health status.

Roster Management

Only relevant personnel on duty will be alerted.

Public Cloud Integration

Seamless integration with public cloud services, including Azure Cloud, AWS Cloud, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, and Huawei Cloud.

Avoid Alert Fatigue

Avoid missing out on important alerts due to a massive influx of notifications. By configuring the Monitoring Frequency, the Trigger Mode and the Alert Mode, you now have the flexibility to receive alerts on what best suits your business needs.

User Management

Configure messaging services to ensure that you receive alerts through your preferred mode of communication.

Ensure Application Availability

Actively monitor application availability using Ping, Port, and URL checks, and notify of any incidents that occur.

Social Messenger App Integration

Receive your alerts on major messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and LINE, as well as collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack.

Email to Text Messages

Supports Email (SMTP)-to-Text for all applications that can send email. The emails are easily converted to text messages with a policy filter to ensure that only the relevant messages are sent.

Integrate with Any Application

Able to integrate with any application (security, network and applications) as well as all infrastructure management tools (including DCIM, SIEM, NMS, ITSM) as we support Email-to-Text.

SendQuick Avera

Single, All-in-One Appliance for Essential system Monitoring and Alert System.

An active 2-Way Monitoring system that helps in ensuring your company’s IT network is available and operational. SendQuick Avera will inform your assigned personnel when critical network events have occurred and require attention. This will help attending support personnel to respond quickly reduce network downtime. SendQuick Avera allows authorized users to remotely check server status and trigger server shutdown/restart of services

SendQuick Avera - IT Alert and notification - Bulwark Technologies

How it Works - SendQuick Avera

Instant alerts on SMS to shorten response time

Easy Administration and Cost-Effective

Key Features - SendQuick Avera

SendQuick_IT Alerts and Notifications_Solution Overview(Thumbnail)_Bulwark Technologies

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SendQuick IT Alert and Notifications

Discover how SendQuick IT Alerts and Notifications can help you maintain continuous network uptime to ensure business continuity.

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