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Affordable classroom instruction, online safety, and IT management for schools worldwide

Forget edtech fatigue… classroom.cloud is our 3-in-1 award-winning solution, built on impact and evidence.
It provides simple yet essential tools for flexible instruction, online safety, and IT management – in any setting.

Classroom Instruction

classroom.cloud is a teacher’s dream come true. Incredibly easy to use, it provides a range of teaching tools that can flex to any learning environment – both in school and with remote learners. From real-time instruction and assessment tools, to boosting collaboration and support, as well as helping manage online behavior – it has it all!

Online Safety

Maintaining a safe and secure learning environment at all times has never been more important. With the optional online safety toolkit, selected staff can monitor online activity, identify students at risk, and spot concerning trends. Its powerful tools are perfect for helping to inform your online safety strategy/policies and meeting the latest requirements.

IT Management

Easy to set up, configure, manage, and use, classroom.cloud virtually takes care of itself! Integrating directly with your existing infrastructure, you can deploy in minutes and manage teacher and student devices centrally, as well as see at a glance how your technology is being used and how to maximize it – saving you a bunch of time and money!

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Key Features of Classroom.Cloud

Classroom Instruction

For Teaching Staff

Super easy to set up and use, classroom.cloud provides cloud-based classroom instruction tools to support classroom and remote learners making it the perfect solution for delivering blended learning in any environment. It’s range of real-time instruction, assessment, collaboration and monitoring tools allow for learning to occur synchronously or asynchronously making it easy for teachers and students to flex according to their needs.

Key Features of Classroom Instruction

Online Safety

For online safety staff

Keeping all your students safe as they learn online can be a challenge, but things just got easier! classroom.cloud’s online safety tools helps keep your online environment safe at all times, by monitoring concerning activity, identifying students at risk and spotting online safety trends. These powerful tools are perfect for helping inform your online safety strategy/policies, and meeting the latest requirements.

Key Features of Online Safety

Keyword and Phase Monitoring

Powered by over 14,000 phrases in multiple languages, schools can monitor the safeguarding words that students are typing (even in Microsoft teams).

Keyword Cloud

When a keyword or phase is triggered, it populates a word cloud. This is a great way to spot trending topics

Student 'Report a Concern'

Students can report their concerns by sending a message in confidence to a trusted member of staff.

Updating Keywords

Add your own keywords to the safeguarding database that are relevant to your school and community – and even share them across your trust/district

Online Safety Groups

These can be created to deliver focused monitoring of, for example, specific year group / students considered vulnerable. Specific settings can be applied to each group of student devices with alerts being sent to appropriate staff

Online Resources

Students have instant access to a range of online support resources – covering topics such as FGM, drug addiction, grooming and bullying. Staff can also manage the pre-populated list and add any additional terms they feel are appropriate.

Contextual intelligence-based Risk Index

The context of a triggered event is analysed (the device used, time of day, website visited, applications used, history of alerts) and a risk index number is generated, helping staff to determine its severity. Schools can also link triggered events to their MYCONCERN and CPOMS accounts.


With its easy to use access permissions and reports that can be applied or changed as needed, schools can ensure only authorized staff have access to the most sensitive information. Images or screenshots can also be blurred to ensure maximum confidentiality.

IT Management

For IT and network staff

Easy to set up, manage, and use, classroom.cloud virtually takes care of itself! Integrating directly with your existing infrastructure, you can deploy classroom.cloud in minutes to the largest of trusts/districts and see at a glance how your technology is being used and how to maximize it. With tools including central device management, remote control, power management, hardware and software inventories, and more, classroom.cloud makes school IT management easy.


Multi-platform support for use with a mix of devices ensures your school is futureproofed and can simply roll with the ever-changing tech landscape.

Break Free

Removes the boundaries and constraints of working in a LAN environment, so you don’t have to constantly battle with firewalls and can connect devices across multiple sites without the need for a server

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Key Features of IT Management tools

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Classroom.Cloud by NetSupport

From Flexible and easy to use instructional tools, to online safety features to provide a safe learning environment and IT management tools to help schools centrally manage and maximise their edtech.

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