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Endpoint Detection and Response EDR Software from Heimdal Security

Heimdal’s Endpoint Detection and Response Unique prevention, threat-hunting, and remediation capabilities, empowering you to quickly and effortlessly respond to sophisticated malware.

HEIMDAL® Security EDR - Endpoint Detection and Response Software

Heimdal® Endpoint Detection and Response provides unique prevention, threat-hunting, and remediation capabilities, empowering you to quickly and effortlessly respond to sophisticated malware. Heimdal Endpoint Detection and Response grants you access to all the essential cybersecurity layers your business needs to protect itself against both known and unknown online and insider threats. 

Bulwark Technologies is an authorized value-added distributor for Heimdal Security (EDR) Endpoint Detection and Response solution

What's included in our EDR Solution

One Agent - Six Solutions

Individually as products or together as a suite, Bulwark Technologies along with  Heimdal® gives you unmatched flexibility in tailoring your cybersecurity defenses and scaling up any existing setup. Our EDR solution combines the most advanced threat-hunting technologies in existence:

DNS Security

Secure your hybrid workforce, either on-site or remote, with a trailblazing DNS security solution

Vulnerability Management

Deploy and Update any Microsoft, 3rd party software from anywhere in the world and according to schedule

Next Gen Antivirus with MDM

Detect online threats like ransomware, hidden backdoors, rootkits, brute-force attacks and un-detectable malware

Ransomware Protection

100% signature-free solution. Protection against malicious encryption attempts initiated during ransomware attacks.

Privilege Access Management

Manage user permissions with automatic de-escalation of user rights on threat detection. Improve Endpoint Security

Application Control

Application management solution for whitelisting and blocking of executing malicious applications.

One Unified Dashboard For All Security Modules

One Dashboard to prevent, detect, hunt and respond to any threat, deploy and update any Microsoft, 3rd party and proprietary software, manage assets and ensure compliance

Vulnerability Management

Automate Patch Management, Close Vulnerabilities. Achieve Compliance

Automate your vulnerability management and save valuable time and resources from anywhere in the world and according to any schedule with a patch management solution . Complete visibility and granular control over your entire software inventory.

A to Z Patch Management

Patch & Asset Management takes over any updating or patching flow, regardless of licensing options or vendor. Our patch management solution covers Microsoft and Linux OS, 3rd party software, and proprietary through command-line scripting.

Advanced Patch Scheduling

Patch anything, update everything, deploy, and upscale regardless of time-zone, machine availability or versioning. Push for advanced scheduling, force-reboot, on-demand update, patch, or security feature deployment.

Designed for Maximum Efficiency

Capitalize on time and IT resources by allowing your users to safely install, upgrade or downgrade software without over-the-shoulder supervision.

Effortless Software Inventory

Increased visibility over company-owned software assets. One interface for many jobs – updating, patching, downgrading, pushing custom packages, checking software versions, installed volume, and more. All of this under 30 seconds or less

Beyond Compliance

Effortless software inventory means zero compliance issues. Every detail or modification is backlogged, archived, and made ready to be used for extensive inventory reports or compliance audits. The fastest way to obtain the NIST CM-7 controls accreditation

Easy Vulnerability Remediation

Legacy is software familiarity. Get rid of outdated apps and close off the remaining security gaps. Automating the patch management process strengthens overall security, improves software performance, allowing your IT department to focus on more, company-vital, tasks.

Next Gen Antivirus with MDM

4-Layer Endpoint Antivirus with MDM and Extended Firewall Features

One license and one console – NGAV + XTP with MDM all unified for impeccable detection of sophisticated online threats such as ransomware, hidden backdoors, rootkits, brute-force attacks and undetectable malware.

Multiple layers of detection

Four layers of impeccable detection powered by our unique intelligence to detect and mitigate even the most complex threats.

Enhanced Brute-Force Protection

Unique anti-brute-force safeguards, specially designed to protect you against data leaks.

Remote device control with MDM

Remotely track and manage your Android devices, with easily accessible Locate, Lock and Wipe capabilities from our MDM console

Ransomware Encryption Protection

Protect Your Company From Ransomware Attacks

Revolutionary 100% signature-free solution, that protects your devices against malicious encryption attempts associated with ransomware attacks. Prevent and protect, not just mitigate, both in the cloud & on-prem.

Reducing the detection gap

Our anti-ransomware software has the lowest false-positive rate in the market on account of our Intelligence, which allows us to study malicious behavior in a safe environment

Retracing ransomware attacks

Review incident details such as timestamps, tree diagrams with process callbacks, PowerShell scrips, computed MD5 hash, enumeration of read or write operation performed during encryption attempts, command-line arguments, the signature of malicious process, owner, and many more.

Efficient against unknown threats

No file dependency means our solution can quickly eliminate threat before it has a chance to start encrypting your files. Keep both your endpoints and your Microsoft 365 cloud storage & productivity suite safe against unknown or un-classified ransomware.

Privileged Access Management

Escalate & de-escalate user rights and manage permissions

Automatic de-escalation of user rights and end the user session whenever a threat is detected on the user’s device.

Lightweight and stunning interface that puts you in complete control over the user’s elevated session. Approve or deny from the dashboard or on the go right from your mobile device. Keep track of sessions, block elevation for system files, live-cancel user admin rights, set escalation period, and instantly shut down system process after session expiration.

Flip on the auto-pilot

Increased mobility, less time spent approving or denying requests. Create approval/denial flows, set individual rights per AD group and escalation period, remove existing local admin rights and more.

Powerful Auditing tools

Quickly fetch graphic-rich reports on hostname details, average escalation duration, users or files escalated, files or processes ran during escalation, and more. Advanced data analytics that will help you investigate incidents and perform regular security checkups.

Identify and remove hidden vulnerabilities

93% of Windows OS and 100% of all browser-specific vulnerabilities can be solved by removing existing admin rights with Privileged Access Management

Application Control

Prevent Unauthorized Application Execution.

Application management solution for whitelisting and blocking of running applications and Prevent users from running malicious software. Customize live sessions, log everything on the go, .

Multiple ways to allow or block applications

App Control allows users to allow or block application execution in more than one way: file path, publisher, certificate, vendor name, software name, MD5, and more. The choice is yours.

Automatic approval or denial flow

Accelerate your application approval or denial flow for system files with default ruling. Create or modify flows for individual users or AD groups.

Dual Modes Operation

Layers upon layers of granularity. Application Control operates in both active and passive mode. Take control of your user’s session or sit back, and let App Control weave its magic.

One Unified Dashboard For All Security Modules

One Dashboard to prevent, detect, hunt and respond to any threat, deploy and update any Microsoft, 3rd party and proprietary software, manage assets and ensure compliance

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How Heimdal fills in potentially uncovered gaps in Microsoft’s offering

While Microsoft does offer great capabilities in many ways, it does not generally supply users with tools that surpass basic security standards. Heimdal adds additional essential security layers that don’t just simply coexist with your existing Microsoft setup, but also

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Heimdal Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) in Action with Bulwark Technologies

One agent, one platform. Heimdal EDR combines the most advanced threat-hunting technologies in existence: Next-Gen Antivirus, Privileged Access Management, Application Control, Ransomware Encryption Protection, Patch & Asset Management, DNS Traffic Filtering, and threat modeling. 

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