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For the first time, get complete visibility of all security risks in your storage, backup, and data protection systems.

StorageGuard protects Storage & Backup Systems, to help protect your data.

StorageGuard™ scans, detects, and fixes security misconfigurations and vulnerabilities across hundreds of storage and backup devices – including Amazon, Azure, Brocade, Cisco, Cohesity, Commvault, Dell EMC, Hitachi, HP, IBM, Infinidat, NetApp, NetBackup, Pure, Rubrik, Veritas, Veeam, and VMware.

Scanning and analysis of storage & backups

Automatic detection of security risks

Knowledge base of security configuration best practices

Overall health and compliance reports

StorageGuard Overview in 2 Minutes

Secure Configuration of Storage & Backups

Baseline Configuration and Secure Configuration Process for Storage & Backup Systems

With StorageGuard, you can automatically enable pre-defined baseline policies or define a custom baseline for your storage and backup systems.

StorageGuard’s pre-defined policies include thousands of configuration checks based on guidelines from storage and backup vendors such as Dell EMC, Hitachi Vantara, NetApp, Veritas, Rubrik and many others. It also includes guidelines for cybersecurity from industry standards such as NIST, CIS, ISO, PCI DSS, NERC, HIPAA, and others.

Once baseline policies are enabled, the StorageGuard scan will connect to each storage and backup technology using the native APIs and CLIs to document the current configuration and then to detect drifts from the required baseline

Once baseline policies are enabled, the StorageGuard scan will connect to each storage and backup technology using the native APIs and CLIs to document the current configuration and then to detect drifts from the required baseline

Vulnerability Detection for Storage & Backups

Authenticated Vulnerability Scanning for Storage and Backup Systems

Organizations must perform both authenticated and unauthenticated vulnerability scans of internal enterprise assets on a quarterly – or more frequent – basis.  StorageGuard can update its vulnerability database according to the latest publications.

StorageGuard performs an authenticated vulnerability scan for storage and backup systems from Dell EMC, IBM, Infinidat, Pure, Commvault and many others

StorageGuard is the only solution that includes a comprehensive, regularly-updated vulnerability catalog and detection plugins for storage and backup security advisories, security alerts and CVE vulnerabilities

The vulnerability catalog encompasses storage operating systems, storage firmware, storage software, storage management systems, backup appliances, backup software and more

Audit & Compliance for Storage & Backups

Compliance with Industry Standards and Regulatory Requirements

StorageGuard enables organizations to verify your storage and backup systems adhere to various standards from NIST, PCI DSS, ISO, CIS Controls, AICPA TSC, HIPAA, NERC CIP, CSA Cloud Controls Matrix, SNIA, MITRE, NCSC Cyber Assessment Framework, FFIEC, and Singapore MAS TRM

Once compliance policies are enabled, a scheduled StorageGuard scan will connect to each storage and backup technology using the native APIs and CLIs to examine whether requirements are met.

StorageGuard reports will provide users with Pass/Fail reports. When a compliance requirement is not met, StorageGuard will report as a finding that can be viewed within the StorageGuard or management as an incident or problem ticket in your ITSM solution, e.g., ServiceNow

Ransomware Protection for Storage & Backups

Validating Anti-Ransomware Best Practices for Storage & Backup Systems

  • Each single storage system serves dozens or hundreds of hosts. ​
  • A compromised storage system is the equivalent of breaching hundreds of database servers – at once!​
  • A compromised storage system will impact multiple applications and business services; recovery may not be possible.​

If storage or backup systems are compromised, bad actors can delete or sabotage the recovery data, thus making data restore impossible, following a ransomware attack.​

Has your organization implemented immutable data copies? Are they configured according to vendor and industry guidelines?

  • AV scanning
  • Anomaly detection
  • User behavior analysis
  • Retention lock
  • File filtering
  • Snapshot policies
  • …and many other storage and backup capabilities can assist with mitigating ransomware – HOWEVER they’re not enabled by default, and must be configured correctly
  • While host OS and web applications have been the center of security posture management efforts for decades, ransomware has started to push storage and backup back onto the CISO agenda
  • Storage and backup systems use non-standard appliances and operating systems, and therefore existing CSPM/VM solutions are unable to effectively scan them using standard host OS scan​
  • Unauthenticated scan cannot effectively collect and analyze security settings and configurations ​of storage and backup systems

The Dummies Guide to Ransomware Resiliency for Enterprise Storage & Backup

In this new Dummies Guide, discover the new threat tactics, and get a list of practical tips and solutions to secure these critical systems, protect your data, and ensure recoverability.

Ransomware Protection with StorageGuard

StorageGuard verifies that your storage and backup systems are hardened, configured according to industry and vendor security best practices, and are not vulnerable

Verifies that anti-ransomware features are enabled and configured correctly (e.g., ransomware detection, ransomware isolation, anomaly detection, user behavioral analysis, and AV scanning)

Verifies that snapshots, replicas, images, and backup sets which are required for recovery from ransomware – are secure, immutable isolated and generally protected

Verifies that ransomware protection best practices published by storage and backup vendors are implemented

Validates that data volumes, exports and shares are configured with restricted access and privileges, and according to security best practices

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The Storage Security Handbook

This handbook showcases the need for securing storage & backup systems, providing practical tips, and helping you present the business case to your CIO or CFO.

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