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Arcon | SCM

Security Compliance Management

ARCON | Security Compliance Management (SCM) solution enables organizations to identify compliance irregularities by assessing the systems against the organization-specific information security and configuration baseline policies resulting in identifying the possible risks.

ARCON | Security Compliance Management

ARCON | Security Compliance Management (SCM) enables an organization to identify, assess and mitigate risks in the enterprise network. The solution helps to enforce a comprehensive IT risk management framework. It acts as a unified engine to report all IT risks at different layers for IT infrastructure for effective risk mitigation. Additionally, the solution provides comprehensive audit reports enabling an organization to build a robust security posture to ensure compliance.

The ARCON | SCM solution helps to enforce a comprehensive IT risk management framework – a unified engine of all IT risk management controls required to be implemented at different layers for effective risk mitigation. The solution ensures the creation of a robust security posture and ensures compliance.

A robust centralized engine for IT controls, risk assessment, and risk mitigation to secure Information assets

Leave IT Risk Assessment to the Bots

Critical technology platforms require continuous risk assessment. This can be achieved through the power of AI – governing, assessing, and optimizing the organization’s Information Risk Management

Highly Scalable and Flexible Architecture

An organization’s IT infrastructure is constantly evolving, adding new capabilities and technologies, making it important for their cybersecurity and identity protection solutions to evolve with them

Centralized Risk Control Framework over IT Assets

Having a unified engine for effective risk management implemented at different levels facilitates organizations to prioritize security and compliance efforts without the need for manual intervention

Audit Trails and Reporting

Organizations need to be compliant with various IT security standards. This is achieved through detailed review documentation of IT risk factors as well as dynamic audit reports

Key Features of Arcon | Security Compliance Management

Automatic Risk Review

Automates the entire risk assessment process, manages execution, and generates detailed review documentation of IT risk factors.


Offers access to harmonized controls that cover various compliance requirements with clear visibility into key risk indicators, assessment results, and compliance levels.

Baseline Policy Manager

Gives an overall view of the most baseline policies with descriptive key risks with built-in support for various technical configurations such as operating systems, databases, web servers, and network devices.

Live Dashboard

Offers a comprehensive reporting mechanism and provides a real-time view through dashboarding.

Vulnerability Control

Incorporates security measures and technical configurations at the enterprise level and applied to individual IT elements to create a centralized framework.

Arcon | SCM

Features Overview

Arcon | SCM

Benefits at a Glance

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Download Arcon | SCM Datasheet to explore all the Key Features in Detail. Arcon | SCM, A robust centralized engine for IT controls, risk assessment, and risk mitigation to secure Information assets.

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