Privileged Identity Management (PIM) or Privileged Access Management (PAM) is the most sought after solution segment among enterprise information security professionals. With ever increasing proliferation of Information Technology in every aspect of business, organizations face significant security exposure in everyday usage of Information Systems, Privileged Identities represent the biggest security threat organizations face today. Privileged Accounts are spread everywhere in the organizational IT infrastructure.

Product: ARCOS PIM Suite

ARCOS is a comprehensive solution for Privilege Access Management (PAM), enabling management of privileged accounts and helping in meeting compliance requirements from a single platform. The solution provides a layer of abstraction over the underlying infrastructure fabric thus enforcing users to logon by using user-id, passwords with range of features to offer including Password Management, Session Recording, Access Controls.

Key Benefits:

  • Improved Efficiency and Productivity through Single Console for all administrative tasks. Further built-in workflow makes the day to day task easier for all IT support staff.
  • Dynamic access control over super users creates an added security layer. Protects against critical error statements which can lead to significant down time, thus loss of business.
  • Secured password generation with automated change on all target devices provides strong passwords for all critical users which are prone to brute force attacks. 
  • Access on demand reduces opportunities for misuse.
  • Provides security arc over all IT Assets in the organization.
  • Enhances security posture from internal threats and makes it impregnable for cyber attackers.
  • Live session details help in generating real time alerts and/or automated actions which improves response time both from operations and security
  • High Productivity, High Visibility and Comprehensive Coverage. "Eyes Always On" philosophy of the solution - a must for IT Governance Function.

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