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Data Loss Prevention - Safetica

Data Loss Prevention solution for today's most challenging data security risks

Protects your data and supports operational efficiency by preventing human error and malicious acts. Cost-effectively.

One Solution - Many Security Tasks

Data classification & data-flow audit

Discover and classify valuable data, audit all sensitive data activities anywhere to report and investigate where there’s a risk of leakage or theft

Insider threat detection and response

Get your hybrid digital workspace under control, discover unwanted software and hardware, analyze behavior to detect and audit high-risk employees

Sensitive & confidential data protection

Protect sensitive business- or customer-related data, source codes, or blueprints from accidental or intentional leakage.

Regulatory compliance support

Set policies to support your compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, ISO 27001, and other regulations and data protection standards.

Safetica ONE Overview in 3 Minutes

Excellent Data Protection Made Easy

Safetica keeps data protected across a multitude of channels and platforms, ensuring your data is secure wherever it resides or flows.

Safetica DLP - Bulwark Technologies

One Solution - Three Choices

Safetica ONE Discovery

Identify sensitive data and security risks

Understand sensitive data flow and classify your data. Get security & regulatory audit reports.

Safetica ONE Protect

Eliminate the risk of losing sensitive data

Secure your sensitive data with Dynamic Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Insider Threat Protection.

Safetica ONE Enterprise

Protect your assets in complex environments

Integrate with your security stack and multi-domain environments

Key Features of Safetica DLP:




Choose the right Data Loss Prevention Module

Safetica DLP Modules
Safetica One Enterprise DLP with UEBA - Dashboard - Bulwark Technologies

User and Entity Behavior Analytics

Enrich any Safetica ONE product with User and Entity Behavior Analytics module to see user activities in detail and uncover their behavior anomalies. Ensure smooth business operations, even when working remotely.

Security Audit

Security audit of data-flow in all channels, including external devices, web upload, email, instant messaging, print, and cloud drives

Audit of file operations and outgoing email communication in O365

Discover violations of most common regulations, such as PCI-DSS, GDPR, or HIPAA in all regional variations

Audit usage of company devices, applications, networks, and print. Discover unused or misused resources to maintain workspace, ensure retention, and reduce costs

Classify sensitive files and emails with powerful content inspection with predefined templates or custom rules and dictionaries

React fast thanks to real-time detection of suspicious activities and immediate email alerts.

Endpoint Data Protection

Data protection for email, web upload, instant messaging, and network shares

Manage data-flow to external devices and protect sensitive data against forbidden printing on local, network, or virtual printers

Avoid data leaks on remote endpoints or remote desktop connections. Support a wide range of remote access solutions.

Use advanced technologies to detect and mark sensitive data based on origin, workflow context, or file type. Take advantage of metadata detection to use 3rd party classifications. Allow users to classify files themselves

React flexibly to detected incidents to empower and educate your employees. Incidents can be logged, blocked, or justified/blocked with override.

Keep forensic evidence for incidents by creating shadow copies of leaking data. Shadow copies are fully encrypted and can be kept on local computers with a retention policy

Define your secured workspace and reduce perimeter by application and website control. Avoid undesirable behavior in your company and reduce the cost of security management

Easy management of safe data perimeter with unique Safetica Zones, which significantly reduce the number of data protection policies.

Centralized management of local drives and external devices with BitLocker encryption.

Cloud Data Protection

Data protection for cloud drives on endpoints, e.g., OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, etc.

Data protection for Office 365 and SharePoint from endpoints. Prevent sharing or uploading data you want to keep away from the cloud

Detection of data classifications from Microsoft Azure Information Protection, even in encrypted form.

Unify email policies across endpoints and cloud email. Manage and filter outgoing data from endpoints and Exchange Online.

Enterprise Features

End-user notification rebranding, e.g., changing the logo

Policies for workflow control within an endpoint

Multiple domain enterprise support for Active Directory

Security Automation

Automated reporting of incidents to SIEM solutions (Splunk, QRadar, LogRhythm, ArcSight, etc.).

Automated security integration with FortiGate network appliances to create a robust endpoint-to-network security solution

API for reporting Safetica data to analytics and visualization services

Seamless integration into your existing ecosystems

An all-in-one solution that integrates seamlessly into your existing security system can protect enterprise environments. That is why we secure data on all endpoints, all devices, all major operating systems (Windows, macOS), and the cloud, perimeters and internal zones.

Native integration with Microsoft 365 and Fortinet network appliances provides extended control over unknown devices and creates a robust endpoint-to-network security solution.

All audited incidents and logs can be automatically sent to SIEM solutions e.g., Splunk, IBM QRadar, LogRhythm, or ArcSight for further investigation. REST API provides collected data to tools like Power BI or Tableau for advanced analysis.

Safetica DLP Datasheet - Bulwark Technologies

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Safetica DLP and Insider Threat Protection Solution

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