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Motadata IT Asset Management solution

The new Unified IT Asset management software with automatic discovery

IT Asset Management Solution to Track and Manage all your Software and Hardware Assets from a Single Unified View, throughout their Life-cycles.

Challenges with IT Asset Management

Even in today’s changing IT landscapes, many enterprises still track IT assets in spreadsheets and do not manage the entire lifecycle of their IT assets. IT teams are known to miss key information in their ITAM strategy to successfully manage their assets right from procurement to disposal. Moreover, using legacy ITAM, IT organizations end up spending productive hours trying to reconcile inventory and assets and dealing with out-of-warranty and out-of-support policy assets.

Implement quick asset discovery and automatically gather accurate asset and inventory data, decrease IT overspending, achieve software licensing compliance, and reduce potential security risks to save cost

Get accurate information of all your IT assets in your IT infrastructure

Discover and track all the assets in your organization to accumulate data insights and drive business and financial decision-making on assets.

Get real-time insights into all the assets and automatically update your IT asset inventory with the most updated information across your organization.

IT Asset management software dashboard with IT Asset Inventory feature

Main Features of IT Asset Management

Complete Visibility into your IT and Non-IT Assets through Procurement, Maintenance, and Disposal.

Agent & Agentless Discovery

Automatically discover IT assets in your network.

Advanced Search for Assets

Perform complex queries using keywords and search options

Product and Vendor Catalog

Maintain a database of products with vendor and price details

Barcode & QR Code Configuration

Generate barcode and QR code tags for your physical assets

Software Management & Metering

Automation to categorize software and get utilization info

Remote Desktop

Connect to remote computers over both intranet and internet

IT Asset management software dashboard with IT Asset Inventory feature

Asset Inventory

Track and maintain accurate information of all your IT and Non-IT assets and visualize them on a dashboard with robust asset inventory.

With ITIL Modules

Engage in full asset lifecycle management using ITIL processes from purchase till retirement.

Asset Purchase

Maintain a true picture of your asset inventory and make data-driven purchase decisions to save costs.

Asset Compliance

Control expenditure and avoid penalties by keeping a watch on to-be expired contracts and prohibiting unauthorized software to be run.

Asset Inventory Management

Maintain accuracy of your asset inventory by reducing manual interventions by automating updates based on events.

Features of Motadata IT Asset Management Software

Maintain accurate IT asset inventory with automated asset discovery, asset utilization, and integrated CMDB

Agent & Agentless Discovery

Discover and import data for IT assets in your network automatically using versatile scanning methods.


Keep a comprehensive repository of all assets in the organization with CMDB. Get detailed visibility into how they are linked to one another.

Remote desktop

Connect to remote computers over both intranet and internet with support for chat, file transfer, and video call.

Advanced search of Assets

Leverage advanced search to perform complex queries using keywords and search options to find assets and asset information.

Barcode & QRcode

Generate barcode and QR code tags for efficient tracking of hardware assets to ensure good fault tolerance and fast scanning.

Audit trail

Track changes made to an asset by scanning history logs using the audit trail

Inventory reports

Generate customizable, out-of-the-box reports to track asset inventory and key metrics like asset utilization.

Relationship mapping

Map and visualize dependencies among assets to perform impact analysis for change deployment or RCA for a problem.

Track asset movement

Track movements and set approvals for assets moving in and out of the premise, e.g. sending assets out for repair.

S/w manage & metering

Automatically categorize software and get utilization information to plan software purchases and ensure compliance.

Asset baseline

Define a set of attributes that all instances of the same asset type should have in order to back out after a change and restore to the original configuration.

Software normalization

Create a comprehensive view of software used across multiple systems, offices, and networks based on conditional rules.


Maintain a database of products from different vendors with price, warranty, and maintenance details.

Asset Association with Ticket

Easily associate assets to incident, request, problem, or change tickets to get relevant information.


Automate CMDB property updates based on certain events with robust workflows.


Trigger API calls using workflow automation with Webhook support to improve integration capability with other products

Prohibited Software

Mark certain software as prohibited during discovery based on rules. Automatically remove the prohibited software with the auto-uninstall feature.

Asset Location tracking

Track the location of IT assets in the network with location mapping support for different IP addresses ranges.


Your Choice of Deployment

Never Lose Track of your IT And Non-IT Assets with Automatic Discovery.


Private Cloud

Public Cloud

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Motadata ServiceOps IT Asset Manager Platform

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Track and Manage all your Software and Hardware Assets from a Single Unified View, throughout their Life-cycles.

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Product Enhancement

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Automated Patch Management software

Automatically scan, detect, analyze, and remediate all vulnerabilities across workstations and servers to manage and streamline the patch management life cycle.

Service Desk/ Help Desk/ Ticketing Solution

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