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Cyberbit - Cyber Range

Cybersecurity skill Development, Training and Simulation Platform

The only hyper-realistic cyber security skill development platform, Cyberbit empowers you
to build an elite cyber defense team by immersing it in a virtual arena that delivers the
closest experience to a real-world cyberattack – BEFORE the attack.

The Four Pillars of a Hyper-Realistic Skill Development Platform

Perfected over 10 years, Cyberbit is the only platform providing your cyber defense team with all essential elements for replicating the cyberattack experience


Real-World Networks

Massive scale, 100% live, cloud and IP networks

Real-World Cyberattacks

Reverse engineered malware, complete cyber kill chain and real threat vectors


Real-World Security Tools

Use the tools you’d use on the job, from leading vendors like Splunk, Crowdstrike and Palo Alto

Real-World Assessment

Automatically assess teams and individuals based on performance, not theory or observation

Courses Curated by Experts

Whether you are onboarding a tier-1 SOC analyst, certifying a threat hunter, or upskilling team members to their next role, our training experts have a custom training plan for you.

Cyberbit includes curated courses by role and topic, beginning with individual skill development in labs, and concluding with capstone, live-fire cyber range exercises that train and employ these skills in real-world scenarios.

Cyberbit-Courses-Curated-by-Experts-Cybersecurity Training and Simulation platform
Cyberbit-Defend-Your-Cloud-Cybersecurity Training and Simulation platform

Defend your Cloud

There’s no way to learn the skills for defending your cloud environment other than immersing your team in live cloud attacks. Would you have your team experience these attacks for the first time on the job?

Cyberbit provides cyber labs and live-fire cyber range exercises emulating Azure and AWS networks and related security tools, so your team can understand the vulnerabilities and unique aspects of cloud security before the fact.

Performance Report - Unbiased

Get objective reporting on your team’s performance, based on facts and actions, rather than subjective evaluations.

All user actions during simulated attacks, including Investigation, response, remediation, containment, and theoretical knowledge, are evaluated continuously and automatically using sensors pre-installed in the cyber range network. Results are visualized in dashboards, so you can easily track progress and understand performance gaps

Cyberbit-Unbiased-Performance-Reports-Cybersecurity Training and Simulation platform
Cyberbit-Automatically-Earn-CPE-Credits-Cybersecurity Training and Simulation platform

Earn CPE Credits - Automatically

Cyberbit has partnered with (ISC)2, so whenever one of your team members runs an exercise, it will automatically be submitted to (ISC)2 and will account for CPE credits. This motivates your team to train more frequently and helps them keep their certifications up to date

Train with the Tools You Use Daily

Preparing for real-world attacks requires using commercial tools, like the ones your team will use on the job. Choose from a wide variety of SIEMs, EDRs, Firewalls, WAFS and more as your hands-on skill development program.

Cyberbit provides the world-leading cyber range, delivering hyper-realistic cyberattack simulations that maximize the skills of information security teams and students.

Cyber Range


Crisis Simulation


Cyber Labs


Hyper-Realistic Cyber Range Attack Simulation

Train with live cyberattacks on a cyber range. Be prepared for the real ones.

Cyberbit includes the world’s most advanced cyber range, available on-demand. Immerse your team in hyper-realistic, simulated attacks on the included cyber range to take their experience, skillset, and teamwork to the next level. Cyberbit’s live-fire cyber range simulations are the closest your team will get to a real-world incident. By training in cyber range exercises your team will excel, both technically and mentally, when the real attack takes place.



Sense of what a cyber crisis look like in real-life.

CRISIS SIMULATOR - Where the boardroom and the SOC collaborate

Cyberbit is the only platform that delivers dynamically evolving, hyper-realistic crisis simulations that bring together executive teams and incident response teams. This is the only approach that provides you with the confidence that your organization is fully prepared to respond to a cyber crisis, as one, perfectly functioning team.


The Complete Cyber Skills Development Cycle

CYBER LABS - Drive Skill and Knowledge Development to Build a Strong Cyber Foundation

Building your cybersecurity team’s skills starts with foundational building blocks: theory, tools, attacker tactics, soft skills and more. Each of our cyber labs delivers a specific building block to build individual skills in shorter training sessions.

Following individual completion of Cyber Labs your team be prepared with a robust foundation, allowing them to proceed to live-fire cyber range exercises where they will practice and apply these skills as a team, in real-world, simulated incidents.


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Cyberbit - Leading Cybersecurity Skill Development & Training Platform

Ensure your cybersecurity team is prepared by upskilling them with the world’s leading cyber skills development platform.

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