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Zero Trust Content Security with Votiro Cloud

Votiro proactive threat prevention for organizations that want to block known and unknown threats in files, data, and content in real-time – without losing functionality or productivity.

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Zero Trust Content Security to block known and unknown file-borne threats

Votiro Zero Trust Content Security solution is trusted by industry leaders around the world to deliver billions of safe files between commercial and government organizations, their employees, and the customers that rely on them. The Votiro Cloud solution is an open-API that detects, disarms, and analyzes content at the speed of business – delivering teams with fully-functional files, reduced risk, lower costs, and increased productivity. Votiro Cloud proactively eliminates fileborne threats targeting email environments, collaboration platforms, data lakes, supply chains, web downloads, B2C digital interactions, and more

Bulwark Technologies is an authorised distributor for Votiro Zero Trust Content Security with Data Detection and Response.

Votiro Cloud Overview - Zero Trust Content Security

Why Votiro is Perfect for Data Security

Votiro proactively detects known and unknown threats in content attempting to enter your organization, then proactively disarms the file before it ever reaches the endpoint. And we don’t stop there. Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is also handled in real-time to ensure access is restricted to the right people at the right them, while keeping your organization compliant well-ahead of recurring audits.

Privacy & Compliance

Never second-guess an uploaded customer document again. Keep sensitive information private and in the right hands.

Threat Analytics

Keep your entire agency network safe from file-borne threats. Get actionable insights into your files and risk surface.

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Content Collaboration

Patient privacy remains top-of-mind with seamless data security. Protection where work happens most – locally and remote.

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Web Downloads

Don’t let malware slow-down the supply chain or bring ports to a stop. Prevent hidden threats in files downloaded from the web

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File Uploads

Store and facilitate bulk data without worrying about file-borne threats. Stop malware from entering web portals and applications.

Data Storage

Keep the grid running by eliminating the threat of digital threats like malware. Ensure your data lakes are free from hidden threats.

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Email Attachments

Work with all stakeholders without slowing down or compromising data. Prevent 100% of file-borne attacks delivered via email.

Votiro_File Transfers_images

File Transfers

Protect your endpoints from data risks – no matter where they are.

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Web Apps API

Don’t see your industry? We’ll help you find a solution that works for you.

Votiro Cloud Delivers Safe Content to Users & Applications

Our open, API solution eliminates file-borne threats targeting your remote workers, content-rich apps, data lakes, supply chain, and digital interactions. Get safe data and threat intelligence at scale.

Increase Visibility

SOC teams can discover blind spots, risks and prevent file-based attacks.

Frictionless Business Outcomes

CIOs can enable their digital business initiatives to safely use content without compromising security and productivity.

Reduce Complexity

Data Security Architects can simplify content protection using an open API-based service.

Votiro for Privacy & Compliance

Remain compliant and reduce privacy risks that can cost you time, money, and brand reputation.​

Votiro helps you maintain an always-compliant posture. This includes, but is not limited to data protection laws, like the GDPR in the EU, CCPA in California, and HIPAA in the healthcare sector in the U.S.

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Votiro for Threat Analytics

Prevention is just the beginning. To secure endpoints, teams must understand their risks.

Votiro provides comprehensive threat analytics to enable security teams with the insights they need to respond efficiently, promptly, and prepare for future attempts.

Votiro for Content Collaboration

Let your employees collaborate safely. Without disruption.

Third parties, partners, and vendors send files every day to members of your team via content collaboration platforms. They might come with risk of hidden threats like malware and ransomware that cannot be detected. While the file is in motion, Votiro moves only the known-good file elements to a clean file template, leaving behind malware, exploits, and even unknown or zero-day threats.

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Votiro for Web Browser Downloads

Prevent hidden threats in files downloaded from the web without impacting employee productivity

Whenever employees download a file, they’re opening your business up to attack. The same goes for any third-parties using your network. Votiro does what many security tools cannot – prevent threats via web downloads.

Votiro for File Uploads

Prevent malware from entering your web portals and applications

Web portals are used to accept files and documents uploaded from clients, partners, and the public. But it opens you up to a malware attack because you have no control over what clients are uploading. Antivirus solutions only recognize known threats, which means they could be missing malware hidden within.

With Votiro, all files being uploaded to your portals are cleansed of threats before they reach cloud applications and storage, so you can be sure every file that comes through is safe to open. Votiro instantly sanitizes all content—while retaining safe macros and other active content—to give you full file fidelity and usability.

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Votiro for Data Storage - illustration - Bulwark Technologies

Votiro for Data Storage

Detection-based solutions can’t prevent unknown threats hiding in your storage.

You may trust that files and content you add to your data lake are safe, but what about third parties uploading theirs? Your data lake becomes more valuable the more integrated it is, but it also becomes more susceptible to risk of cyber-attacks. Malicious actors can upload file-borne threats to your data lake that can then infect the entire lake. With so many files in the mix, use Votiro so you won’t have to think twice about what’s inside your data storage.

Votiro prevents known and unknown threats from entering your data storage locations – without slowing down business.

Votiro for Email Attachments

Secure every email and attachment that enters your organization

With Votiro’s deep understanding in file composition and weaponization, we’ve developed an entirely new approach to file security. One that doesn’t just block any threat it finds – it eliminates threats from entering in the first place. With Votiro, files no longer pose a threat to your business.

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Votiro for File Transfer - illustration - Bulwark Technologies

Votiro for File Transfer

AV-scanning can miss unknown threats. Votiro won’t.

Transfer files, not threats. Secure files via FTPS, SFTP, and SMB with Votiro. Votiro prevents hidden threats inside of incoming documents at-scale. Our open-API integrates seamlessly with existing technologies to prevent both known and unknown threats from reaching endpoints and only allow known-good elements to reach the endpoint during file transfers–without slowing down automated processes or business productivity.

Votiro for Web Application API

Secure all file uploads and receive documents completely risk-free.

With our deep background in file security, we’ve developed an entirely new approach to web application protection. One that doesn’t just block any threat it finds – but instead eliminates threats from entering in the first place. With Votiro, malicious files will no longer pose a threat to your business.

Trust Votiro to keep your web application uploads safe. Votiro’s patented Positive Selection® technology singles out only the elements of files known to be fully secure, guaranteeing each and every upload is 100% safe to download, upload, use, and share. Now you can accept every upload without ever wondering if you’re exposing your business to malicious threats.

Votiro for Web Application API - illustration - Bulwark Technologies

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Votiro Cloud - Zero Trust Content Security Overview

Votiro’s revolutionary Positive Selection technology singles out only the safe elements of each file, ensuring every file that enters your organization is 100% safe. Votiro’s new approach to file security works invisibly in the background, completely eliminating threats while ensuring zero interruption to business. Download our one-page brochure to learn more about our technology

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