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Easy and centralized management of cryptographic keys

Facing the challenge of managing crypto secrets

The number one challenge that a key manager should solve is to provide a centralized storage solution for cryptographic keys. Aside from storage, it should also provide the highest level of security, be tamper resistant, and meet industry certifications and standards such as FIPS.

A centralized storage solution must also adhere to compliance regulations and other regional mandates. It should use automation to generate keys, renew, and rotate them. Not all employees need access to the keys, and therefore, the key manager should provide role-based access to keys. Lastly, all of these requirements should be neatly wrapped in a one-time set-up, low-maintenance package.

UTIMACO’s key management solutions for easy and centralized management of cryptographic keys

UTIMACO provides solutions for secure key management to address the challenge of managing crypto secrets. Our key management offerings are complete solutions for generating, storing, serving, controlling, and auditing access to data encryption keys. They enable you to protect and preserve access to business-critical, sensitive, data-at-rest encryption keys, either locally or remotely. Some of the benefits of our key management solutions include:

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Enterprise Secure Key Manager (ESKM)

The most interoperable and integrated Key Manager

Secure Keys for Data at Rest, in Use, and in Motion – Fully FIPS Certified

Utimaco’s Enterprise Secure Key manager (ESKM) is the first industry-certified Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) v2.1 offering with market leading support for partner applications and pre-qualified solutions, integrating out-of-the-box with varied deployments, as well as custom integrations.

ESKM is collaborating with both Google and Microsoft Azure to help organizations transition securely to the cloud. With the BYOK – Bring Your Own Key – concept, enterprises encrypt their own data, retain control of their encryption keys, and do not give the control away to the CSP.

Hardware-based Security on highest level

Fulfills various compliance requirements

Included Software for easy use

Most Interoperable

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KeyBRIDGE Universal Key Management (UKM)

The single platform solution for all keys and data

Securely manage and store all keys and sensitive data in one single, centralized location

Utimaco’s KeyBRIDGE UKM is a standalone platform solution that stores all keys and sensitive data for an entire organization. This ensures that the organization has complete control of the key inventory and is not dependent on the availability of a database, service vendor or employee. Its simple key management functionality spans the full key lifecycle from generation through to escrow and termination.
The central user interface provides complete visibility of the entire key inventory at any time.

KeyBRIDGE UKM secures all keys and maintains support for the generation, import, and distribution of any key type. All keys within KeyBRIDGE UKM are protected under a 256 Bit AES System Master Key, which can be used immediately, distributed as a cryptogram or broken down into component parts or shares. KeyBRIDGE UKM adds additional value by allowing integration of further Utimaco HSMs as well as third party HSMs like Atalla, Thales and SafeNet, enabling the user to perform key management functions using a single, easy-to-use interface with both local console or RESTful API access.

Full life-cycle key management

Tracks all instances of imported and exported keys. Maintains key history even if a key has been terminated and removed from the system

Best-in class entropy and high-quality keys

NIST SP 800-90B. AIS 31DRG.4 compliant hash based DRNG. AIS31 PTG.2 compliant TRNG

Deployment Options

On-premise LAN application. Our on-premise options allow hosting the product directly on-site in your own network or data center.

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Utimaco Enterprise Key Management Solution

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