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Secure data at Rest and in Motion

Reliable data protection for compliance and prevention of data breaches

Utimaco offers a holistic data protection product portfolio to secure data at Rest and in Motion. Our data encryption solution ensures that data is only readable to authorized people within the organization. It protects data from external attacks and unauthorized internal access, regardless of the data’s location, whether it is stored on a local device, on the company’s network, or in the cloud. In addition, UTIMACO’s hard drive encryption for laptops secures the physical devices and protects data stored on the hard drive even if the device gets lost or stolen.

Data Protection Solutions from UTIMACO: always on the safe side

To safeguard sensitive data against potential attacks, Utimaco’s tokenization solution replaces certain data with non-sensitive tokens, providing assurance that data may be shared securely with third parties – Sharing tokenized data with third parties rather than sensitive data eliminates the risks associated with giving external parties access to sensitive information.

For protecting data hosted in Microsoft Azure Cloud, UTIMACO also works together with Microsoft to offer Double Key Encryption (DKE). One key remains in full control of the user – in a tamper-proof Hardware Security Module – and the second key in Microsoft Azure. This adds two-layer security to data stored in Microsoft Azure Cloud.

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u.trust LAN Crypt

Role-based file encryption software

Protect personal, sensitive and business-critical data from unauthorized access

u.trust LAN Crypt adds the extra-layer of security to your data. With its role-based access rights management it enables you to avoid external access (e. g. by attackers or external consultants with administrative rights) as well as unauthorized internal access (e. g. by network administrators) within your organization. Given that, it is the ideal solution to ensure compliant data man-agement.

The cryptographic keys used to encrypt your data are solely stored in a central data base or in the key ring at the users’ local machine so you are 100% inde-pendent from the (cloud) providers you may use.

On top, u.trust LAN Crypt follows a strict role split approach: The network administrator can access and manage files and the security officer manages keys and security policies. This ensures a complete separation of network administration and security management.

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Role-based access management for sensitive and business-critical data

Flexibly decide which user groups are allowed to access which kinds of data.

Persistent encryption protects data externally and internally

Protects Data at Rest and Data in Motion. Network management is strictly separated from key management to avoid unlimited data access for network administrators.

Convenient data access from all platforms and devices

All files are encrypted and decrypted directly at the users’ endpoint regardless of the storage location.

Central Database

Key management solution (vESKM) included for efficient key and rule management. Central creation of encryption rules. Key and data recovery

Secure data sharing with external parties

Flexibly set a password for files and securely share them externally. External parties can decrypt and encrypt the file again with the same or a different password.

Deployment Options

On-premise and Cloud based management. Host directly on-site in your own network or data center. Manage u.trust LAN Crypt from a single dashboard that gives you visibility into devices, users, and other information – a powerful tool for passing compliance audits.

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u.trust LAN Crypt Cloud

Simplified file encryption – centrally managed in the Cloud

Simplified file encryption – centrally managed in the Cloud

u.trust LAN Crypt Cloud helps you implement complete file and folder encryption in your organization. First define the assets and locations to be protected – then use access management to allocate permissions. The role-based user management makes it easy to onboard new employees, so you don’t have to create a whole new profile for each user.

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Sign in with Microsoft

For a centralized and seamless sign-in, u.trust LAN Crypt Cloud offers users the possibility to connect their accounts to their organization's Microsoft account. The 'Sign in with Microsoft feature' provides a simple, secure way to sign into u.trust LAN Crypt using a Microsoft account. Administrators have the ability to define which account users must use to log in to the LAN Crypt service - their u.trust LAN Crypt account or their Microsoft account.

Achieve compliance for GDPR and similar data protection regulations

Whether GDPR, ISO 27001, NIS2 or HIPAA: The integration of u.trust LAN Crypt into corporate processes makes certification and compliance easier for you. Manage your data protection policies from a single dashboard that gives you visibility into devices, users, and other information – a powerful tool for passing compliance audits.

Cross-platform data protection

Client-side encryption protects your data everywhere: on cloud platforms like OneDrive, Google Drive, and others, as well as on local servers, hard drives, mobile devices, and removable media. At the same time, you don't have to worry about complicated workflows: For employees, encryption happens transparently in the background.

Easy administration of access rights and encryption rules

Define assets to be protected. Define identities for your users. Distribute access permissions

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The Central Tokenization Solution for a KeyBRIDGE Appliance

Secure and easy-to-manage Vault based Tokenization

KeyBRIDGE TokenBRIDGE offers a complete tokenization solution to prevent organizations from data loss and guarantee uniqueness for assets without complicating security management. TokenBRIDGE incorporates a true token vault. The clear value is tokenized and stored in logical encrypted containers as a result. The de-tokenization is rapidly executed by retrieving the clear value using per-relationship keys.

The centralized key storage and the detailed token inventory provide the user with full control and easy management without the requirement for external resources. TokenBRIDGE adds an additional layer of security to organizations and protects sensitive data by using 256 bit AES encryption.

Out-of-the-Box Solution

Benefit from a complete Tokenization creation and management solution which is provided and delivered by a built-in HSM as root of trust, an integrated database and a Token Management System (TMS)

Highly secure Tokenization

Achieve best-in-class entropy and high-quality keys through True Random Number Generator (TRNG) and encrypted self-contained & auto-maintained database.

Centralized Key and Token Management

Enable easy crypto management with centralized key and token storage and detailed key and token inventory.

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