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NetSupport Notify

Desktop Alerting and Notification Solution

NetSupport Notify is a desktop alerting and notification solution that delivers one-way alerts and notifications to desktop users that cannot be skipped, ignored or saved for later.

NetSupport Notify is an Enterprise wide Desktop Alerting and Notification solution with education and corporate editions

Simple to implement and use, NetSupport Notify offers a high impact, focused and scalable desktop alerting and mass notification solution to deliver internal one-way alerts and notifications guaranteed to grab attention! Its multi-platform support allows you to send notifications (with varying priorities, customisations, audibility and delivery options) from a Windows PC or Android/Apple iOS device to Windows, Mac and Chromebook desktops, as well as unattended large screen public information panels.

The notifications automatically take screen focus, meaning they can’t be hidden, ignored or saved for later (even on locked screens) – and NetSupport Notify also includes a real-time record of who has received and acknowledged your notification

Bulwark Technologies is an authorised distributor for NetSupport Notify - Desktop Alerting and Notification solution. 

Multiplatform Support

Send notifications from a Windows PC or Android/ Apple iOS devices to Windows, Chrome, Mac and Linux desktops, as well as unattended large screen public information panels.

Send to everyone, everywhere

Send notifications to staff in your organisation (up to 10,000 users) across multiple network segments or dispersed sites, plus send notifications on the move with our dedicated app.


Customise notifications with your organisation’s branding, from choosing the text font, size and colours, to adding a logo and creating your own set of 'notifications type' icons.

Evidence Acknowledgement

All delivered messages are recorded centrally with full delivery and receipt logging – plus, you can view a real-time status of your message as it is being acknowledged by users.

NetSupport Notify Product Insight

Creating a notification with NetSupport Notify

NetSupport Notify_choose notification

Create a Notification

Create a new notification by adding a title and supporting text – or choose an existing notification to reuse.

NetSupport Notify_Notification Type

Choose Notification Type

Select the type of notification and how it will display

NetSupport Notify_Custom Notification

Customize the Notification

Customise the notification with your branding, add logos and choose fonts and colours.

NetSupport Notify_Choose Recipient

Choose Recipients

Select the recipients you want your notification to be sent to.

NetSupport Notify_Schedule Notification

Schedule the Notification

Choose to schedule the notification or send immediately.

NetSupport Notify_Track Notification

Track the Notification

Keep track of who has received and acknowledged the notification.

Key Features of Netsupport NOTIFY

Netsupport Notify - Corporate sector

With NetSupport Notify, you can send routine notifications or urgent alerts to unlimited staff computers and digital signage, across multiple sites and multiple platforms. Not only does it instantly improve your ability to communicate effectively with staff in your organisation, but it also ensures everyone receives and reads the message immediately, as the alert takes a central position on the screen (even on locked devices).

Netsupport Notify - Education Sector

Using NetSupport Notify, schools can communicate effectively with staff and students using one-way alerts and notifications – sending them to desktop users and large information panels in halls and foyers. Notifications automatically take screen focus, meaning they can’t be hidden, ignored or saved for later (even on locked screens). The notifications can even be targeted to select groups and scheduled for maximum impact.

Benefits of Netsupport NOTIFY

Save Precious Time

NetSupport Notify delivers messages that can’t be skipped or ignored to all or selected staff and/or students in a single action (across multiple platforms and sites) – saving precious time. Routine alerts such as fire drills can also be pre-scheduled. It’s a quick and easy solution to use, especially as it doesn’t require regular management of contacts.

Reliable Communication

NetSupport Notify provides a welcome backup for existing technology failures (such as e-mail) and provides streamlined communication enabling staff and/or students to immediately see updates sent through the system – instantly improving communication in your organisation.

Boost Security

Great for supporting emergency and lockdown procedures due to its ability to send clear and concise messages to all/selected connected computers. You can also send audible alerts with your NetSupport Notify messages to ensure attention is gained. Plus, you can also create and use ready-made “emergency response” alerts activated by a hotkey combination for use in time-critical situations.

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NetSupport Notify - Enterprise Alert & Notification Solution

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