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NetSupport Manager

Multi-Platform Remote Control and Support Software

NetSupport Manager has been recognised as the perfect remote control solution to help companies deliver seamless IT support and remote device management – from anywhere to anywhere!

NetSupport Manager - Remote Control and Support Software

NetSupport Manager continues to offer the very latest in remote access, PC support and desktop management capabilities and includes a wealth of supporting features to make remote support as simple and flexible as possible.

From a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, you can support PCs, servers, smartphones, robots, and a range of Windows IoT devices!

Bulwark Technologies is an authorised distributor for NetSupport Manager Remote Control solution. 

Fast Connection

NetSupport Manager is designed to work over a LAN, WAN or the internet, with support for both TCP/IP and HTTP communications (and even legacy IPX and NetBIOS support).

MultiPlatform Support

Remotely support any Windows, Mac, Linux (legacy) and/or Chrome OS desktop, as well as a range of mobile devices, from your Windows PC, Mac, Apple iOS/Android tablet or smartphone.

Manage Devices Simultaniously

NetSupport Manager provides one-to-many support, not just 1:1, meaning you can scan and view multiple screens in sequence via unique real-time thumbnails.

System Management

From detailed hardware/ software inventory, and grouping devices into a clear hierarchy to remote command prompt and registry editor, gain a detailed overview of your IT infrastructure.

NetSupport Manager Product Insights

Key Features of Netsupport MANAGER

Remote Control


File Transfer


Remote Working

Regardless of where your critical systems, servers and IT users are located (and the platforms used) NetSupport Manager’s award-winning secure remote control tools make it easy for IT teams to quickly respond to IT issues across multiple sites in any geographical location.

NetSupport Manager allows you to remotely access your work PC as if you were sitting in front of it. Best of all, it only takes 5 minutes to set up!


Robots and Windows IoT Devices

Training and Onboarding

NetSupport School for corporate training and onboarding. It’s a flexible, fully-featured instruction and collaboration solution that is suitable for learners of all ages in all kinds of environments – and included for FREE with NetSupport Manager.

It provides a wide range of possibilities for collaborative instruction, assessment and group working – as well as allowing tutors to guide and present directly to trainees’ devices. For greater engagement with the session, NetSupport School also offers tools to allow trainees to interact, question and assess any information presented. It also provides each student with a journal of session content for them to refer to afterwards – for maximum retention.

Benefits of Netsupport MANAGER


With its multi-platform support and flexible network options, IT teams have immediate access to their organisation’s critical systems, servers and IT users, helping them to quickly respond to IT issues across multiple sites in any geographical location.


Its unique range of supporting tools ensures maximum efficiency and, most importantly, the minimum level of system downtime and lost productivity as support issues are being addressed.


As a fully secure ‘on premise’ solution, IT teams can carry out seamless remote support via its unique Gateway – and with its PIN connect feature and four levels of encryption, it’s the choice of military and financial institutions across the globe.

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NetSupport Manager - Remote Control and Support Software

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