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NetSupport DNA

IT Asset Management, Tracking and Monitoring software for any Organization and School

With NetSupport DNA you can track, monitor and manage your IT assets and endpoints, plus maximise efficiency and ROI with proactive and automated tools – all from one comprehensive toolbox.

NetSupport DNA is an award-winning IT Management solution with education and corporate editions

Built on impact, evidence and co-production, NetSupport DNA helps organisations across all industries, and of any size, to maximise their technology to increase their ROI, identify cost savings and increase productivity. For schools, NetSupport DNA helps to manage and maximise their classroom and school-wide technology, engage, instruct and safeguard students – and even reduce costs.

Bulwark Technologies is an authorised distributor for NetSupport DNA IT Management solution. 


NetSupport DNA starts by automatically discovering and installing an agent on targeted devices across your School /organisation. Constantly monitoring your network, it identifies any new devices that join, providing an option to deploy an agent for future management – no more manual searches or surprises!


Once installed, NetSupport DNA goes to work collecting detailed data, helping you to gain a summary of all IT activity, even for specific users and departments. From hardware/software inventory and app/web metering to energy/power management – it can all be summarised in customisable reporting tools.


Maximise your technology investment so you can enjoy all its benefits and reap the rewards. Re-deploy under-utilised hardware, discover PCs that are upgradeable, identify licences that aren’t being used, PCs left running out-of-hours and where print costs are generated.


Extra layer of network and data protection by proactively alerting you to any issues before they escalate, preventing data loss with endpoint security, a secure Vault component to store confidential IT data.

For Schools it includes an online safety toolkit with proactive and reactive tools, contextual intelligence to help protect students.

Key Features of Netsupport DNA

Optional components

NetSupport DNA

For Corporate Sector

NetSupport DNA

For Education Sector

Benefits of NetSupport DNA

For Corporate Sector

Work smarter… not harder

Armed with a complete overview of IT activity (device and usage data) and customisable reports, NetSupport DNA makes you ‘all-knowing’, allowing you to work smarter, make better informed decisions and accurately plan future IT spending and refresh cycles.

Making your funds go further

With NetSupport DNA, you gain an instant overview of where you’re spending unnecessarily and where your business can make further efficiency savings. From printing costs, wasted energy, unused software licences or hardware – start saving today and achieve a swift return on your investment!

Supporting and Managing Users

NetSupport DNA provides a range of features so you can efficiently locate, manage and support users and assets within a networked environment – tailoring the data being gathered from each user. Staff remain on task and working effectively within their contracted hours.

Network and Data Security

Keeping your company’s IT systems secure and running efficiently is a priority. So NetSupport DNA supplies you with the essential tools you need to safeguard your systems and shield them from security threats – whether external or internal – avoiding lost productivity and revenue.

Benefits of NetSupport DNA

For Education Sector

A Complete Overview

An all-knowing technician can use NetSupport DNA to work smarter. From staying ahead of potential IT issues, to automating tasks, maximising edtech and making informed decisions and refresh plans – all whilst maintaining a secure and reliable network.

Safe learning

Enhance your school’s online safety policies with its range of proactive and reactive tools designed to identify, protect and support ‘at risk’ students, whilst encouraging greater digital citizenship – all without the dependency on your IT department.

Classroom Monitoring

Feature-rich classroom management tools can be included. Delivering seamless multi-platform support within the classroom, educators can keep students focused and engaged with real-time instruction, assessment, monitoring and control tools.

Multischool Support

Secure, scalable and easy to implement, you can manage up to 10,000 devices across multiple schools with ease. Data is safely stored on the school network and its centralised view and reporting tools allows all sites/data to be viewed together, while local IT teams can only access their IT estate.

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NetSupport DNA - IT Asset Management Solution

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