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Mimecast advanced Email Security with total deployment flexibility

Defend against even the most sophisticated attacks and stay one step ahead of threats with Mimecast Email Security. From phishing and ransomware to social engineering, payment fraud, and impersonation, we block the most dangerous attacks.

Mimecast Email Security Simply delivered

The Mimecast Email Security is a single cloud solution with all functions fully integrated and engineered to work together. The core email security solution includes a secure email gateway with data leak protection & content control and targeted threat protection, which includes URL, attachment, impersonation, and internal email protection.

Additional capabilities, such as email continuity, sync & recover, large file send, and secure messaging, can be incorporated to provide expanded protection.

Bulwark Technologies is an authorised distributor of Mimecast Advanced Email Security Solution

Mimecast Email Security, Cloud Gateway Overview

World Class Email Security

Mimecast Email Security with Targeted Threat Protection

Block all email-based threats, Defend against even the most sophisticated attacks and stay one step ahead of threats with Mimecast cloud based Email Security solution.

From phishing and ransomware to social engineering, payment fraud, and impersonation, Mimecast blocks the most dangerous attacks, delivering world-class email security in the way that best meets your needs.

Extend risk reduction with solutions for archiving, continuity, security awareness, and more. Integrate across your security ecosystem

Mimecast’s URL Protect service provides multistep detection and blocking of malicious URLs, including pre-click URL discovery, inline employee education, and blocking of dangerous files types. Key capabilities include protection on and off the enterprise network from any device, rewriting of all URLs in inbound email, and real-time scanning on every click.

Mimecast’s Attachment Protect service provides multiple layers of defense against potentially malicious email attachments, balancing speed of delivery with detection efficacy. Key capabilities include safe file conversion, which converts Office and PDF files to a safe format for immediate delivery to employees; static file analysis, which evaluates files for packing, abnormal code, and many other factors without needing to execute the attachment; and sandboxing as a final stage of analysis when required, using full system emulation and virtualization

Mimecast provides comprehensive protection against business email compromise and impersonation attacks that seek to trick users by imitating trusted senders. Key capabilities include real-time examination of the inbound email’s display name, reply-to information, and body content, as well as detection of character switching, advanced similarity checks, and the use of long URL strings that obscure the actual destination domain. Administrators control how emails are handled and can reject, quarantine, or deliver them with warnings as appropriate.

Mimecast’s Internal Email Protect extends best-practice security protocols to internal and outbound email, inspecting all traffic for malicious links and files, or for sensitive content to prevent the spread of attacks or data leaks. Key capabilities include scanning of URLs and attachments, continuous rechecking of emails, and automated or manual remediation of malicious or undesirable emails post-delivery.

Email Security Efficacy

AI-Powered Detection

Dynamic Bannering

Browser Isolation

Block All Email Based Threats

Benefit from the next-generation of secure communications with:

Mimecast - Email Security - Block all Email based Threats - Bulwark Technologies
Mimecast - manage complex email environments - Bulwark Technologies

Seamlessly manage complex email environment

Easily integrate into enterprise security environments

Customize to meet your needs

Easily set security policies and get increased visibility on all delivered and blocked email with:

Mimecast AI-driven warning banners- Bulwark Technologies

AI driven Warning Banners

Defend against highly targeted social engineering attacks and data loss with:

Get complete email protection for M365 and Google Workspace

Mimecast’s AI-powered solutions enhances and complement the protections from your email security provider for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.

Mimecast email protection - Microsoft365 and Google Workspace - Bulwark Technologies

Mimecast's Protection for Microsoft Teams

Collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams have become essential business tools, but they have also opened to the door to increased risk. Dangerous URLs and files can easily be shared, spreading like wildfire due to the instantaneous nature of the platform. How can you support productivity without sacrificing security? Enter Protection for Microsoft Teams. This easy-to-deploy, easy-to-administer solution delivers fully integrated protection for email and collaboration in a single platform.

Advanced capabilities and granular controls from a comprehensive secure email gateway

World - Class Efficacy

40K customers, 20 years of experience, 1.3B emails inspected daily

AI-powered Detection

Advanced AI and Machine Learning, identity and social graphing, models trained on billions of emails

Granual Controls

Customizable policies and configurations

Open API's

Fast, easy bi-lateral threat sharing with accelerated integrations to SIEM, SOAR, TIP, and more

Unparalleled Flexibility

Cloud, on-premises, or hybrid — M365 & Google Workspace

Platform Addon

Complementary solutions, unified administration, reduced complexity

Seamless Integration with other security systems

Accelerate detection and response with:

Mimecast Email Security, Cloud Integrated Overview

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Mimecast Email Security built for your specific needs

More than 90% of cyberattacks start with email, and many are designed to evade Microsoft’s defenses. With Mimecast Email Security Get a detailed view of the various attacks, how you can optimize M365 protection in minutes with AI-powered detection from Mimecast — the leader in email security for 20 years.

Cloud Integrated

 Mimecast Email Security, Cloud Integrated is purpose-built to enhance and extend M365 protections. 

Cloud Based

Cloud-based protection from email threats at your email perimeter and inside your network and organization.

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Easily secure complex email environments. Customize policies, Integrate with and extend your security ecosystem. Defend against even the most sophisticated attacks and stay one step ahead of threats with Mimecast Email Security.

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