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MailStore Email Archiving Software

OnPremise Email Archiving Software from Mailstore to Manage, Retain and retrieve emails

MailStore’s email archiving Software allow you to retain your emails so that they remain available, retrievable, and always secure.

MailStore Email Archiving Software for SMB

Mailstore Server email Archiving solution creates 1:1 copies of all emails in a central email archive to ensure the security and availability of large amounts of data over a period of years. Users can still access their email using Microsoft Outlook, MailStore Web Access, or mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones, and search through them at breathtaking speed.

Bulwark Technologies is an authorised distributor for Mailstore Email Archiving Solution

MailStore Is Not Just Archiving Emails.

MailStore Email Archiving software can help your company with issues such as email compliance, lost emails, mailbox quotas, and sluggish email servers

Compliance & eDiscovery

Comply with email relevant regulatory requirements and eDiscovery scenarios. Certified according to the EU’s GDPR.

Protect against Data Loss

Archive all email as soon as it is received or sent, their availability is safeguarded for years.

Reduce workload of email servers

Keep the volume of emails on the server constantly low using rules to delete emails after they have been archived.

Fast search & retrieve Emails

Fast full-text searching for archived emails. Restore emails and their file attachments with a single click.

Reduce Storage Space

Save up to 70% storage space by de-duplication & compression. file attachments are stored only once and are compressed.

Eliminate Mailbox quotas

Emails can be deleted from mailboxes once they are archived. So that storage quotas are never exhausted.

Get rid of PST Files

Archive and backup all PST files of the company centrally. remove the need to handle error-prone PST files on users’ endpoints

Reduce Backup and Restore Times

Reducing the data load on mail server’s helps to cut backup and restore times significantly.

Flexible Archiving Method

The archiving strategy can be customized based on the specific detailed needs of a company. No changes made to email servers and emails. No administrative access to the email server required. Folder structure of mailboxes is imported into the archive. 

Supported Email Systems

Right email archiving solution for your needs – one that is simple to maintain, intuitive, and reliable. Our solutions support virtually all email systems.

Quick Access to All Users

Users can access the archive using different methods and quickly browse the emails using an incredibly powerful full-text search or use the regular folder structure

Users can access their archives using a convenient add-in for Microsoft Outlook XP, 2003, 2007, 2010 (32-bit and 64-bit), and 2013 (32-bit and 64-bit). Deployment via group policies is possible.

Web Access provides access to the archive using an internet browser. In addition to browsing and viewing emails, web access also offers access through the folder structure and functions for restoring emails from the archive

An integrated IMAP server that gives IMAP-compatible email clients read access to the archive. This provides a convenient way for many other email clients (such as Mozilla Thunderbird) across all operating systems (such as Mac OS or Linux) and mobile platforms to access the email archive

Not only can users browse and view their emails but, depending on the privileges assigned to them, set up and execute archiving and exporting tasks.

Mailstore Quick Access of Archived Emails for All Users - Bulwark Technologies
MailStore Email Archiving - Integrated Storage Technology - Bulwark Technologies

Integrated Storage Technology

MailStore Server enables highly sophisticated storage technology that does not require an external database management system and is available immediately after setup is complete.

Compliance Features

MailStore Email Archiving - Compliance Features - Bulwark Technologies
MailStore Email archiving software - export options of archived emails - Bulwark Technologies

Export of Archived Emails

With MailStore Email Archiving software All archived email can be exported in a single step at any time in the standard RFC 822 format, for example, which has established itself over 30 years. A cryptographic signature can be added to exported emails to protect them from tampering, even outside of the archive. Thus, long-term technological independence is ensured.

Alternatively, users can always restore emails from the archive back into their regular mailbox with a single click of the mouse. With our Email archiving software, the administrator no longer has to go through the time-consuming process of recovering lost emails from the backup

Mailstore Email Archiving Overview in 1 Minutes

Email Backup v/s Archive

While backups are designed for the purpose of disaster recovery, email archiving can help to realize completely different objectives

Objective Backup Archive
Reduction of email server load and simplification of backup and restore processes by outsourcing email
Elimination of mailbox quotas
Elimination of PST files
Reduction of storage requirements with single-instance storage
Tamper-proof archiving of all email
fast full-text searching for emails and all types of file attachments
Complete archiving of all email

No, for eg: email may be deleted immediately after being received/sent before being backed up.

Simple and fast restoration of lost emails

No, backups must first be restored by IT technicians at great expense of effort.

Yes, users can restore emails using ‘one-click restore’ technology.

Meet legal requirements
Mailstore Server Email Archiving - Product Overview - Bulwark Technologies

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MailStore’s email archiving solutions allow you to retain your emails so that they remain available, retrievable, and always secure.

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