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External Identity Access and Governance - EIAG®

Manage access to all of your external users

With our External Identity Access and Governance – EIAG® platform, expect beyond simple administration and access control of non-employees and safeguard your business from security risks and threats.

Simplified and Secure Management of Non-employees

External users or non-employees, including vendors, partners, customers, consultants, and contractors need access to digital resources/authoritative systems in most modern organizations.

To efficiently manage external user identities, External Identity Access and Governance – EIAG® provides a simplified and secure platform that streamlines external user onboarding and automates provisioning/deprovisioning, ensuring efficient access governance controls.

It helps you improve your IT security posture by securely authorizing external users, ensuring the right level of granting access rights and entitlements across multiple directories and application target systems both on premises and in the cloud. Our External Identity Access and Governance – EIAG® solution provides a superior digital experience for your external identities, enabling self-registration, request-based application access and their entitlements, password reset, and access revoke functionalities.

Why ISSQUARED®’s External Identity Access and Governance - EIAG®?

Enable full control over onboarding process

Automate and customize onboarding process through intuitive drag-drop workflow processes based on external organization and/or type of user (i.e., vendor, partner, customer, etc.).

Assign custodian roles

Engage internal custodians to manage external identities or external custodians, who are third-party associates to onboard their own managed users. Let your custodians manage external accounts and entitlement access throughout the lifecycle of their engagement.

Provide on-demand provisioning/de-provisioning

Enable custom controls and policies to automate provisioning/deprovisioning of accounts and entitlements across multiple directories and target systems. Also allow end users to raise self-request provisioning/deprovisioning, which will further get approvals from custodians/data owners based on the way workflows defined.

Mitigate access risk

Ensure your custodians have complete visibility of access provided to external identities and allow them to properly manage and remove access in a timely fashion. On the other hand, create policies to periodically perform access reviews and revoke access based on business needs.

Quicker and more informed decision-making

Automate interactions with custom email alerts and notifications for all the events and have greater insight into the data using intuitive dashboards and real-time reporting.

Key Product Features

External Identity Lifecycle Management

Establish an authoritative source to manage external identity lifecycle from creating identities, provisioning in target applications or systems, granting entitlements, removing entitlements, and modifying or suspending accounts.

Entitlement Management

Get a streamlined process to manage application entitlements in line with the connected target systems. Provide entitlement membership provisioning through on-demand requests from Custodians or end users, while having custom workflows in place to apply proper scrutiny to requests and grant access for a limited period.

Workflow-driven Access Control

Get improved decision-making capabilities through intuitive drag-drop workflows for setting up new external user accounts and granting entitlements based on the type of external organization you’re managing.

Identity and Access Reviews

Periodically revalidate external user accounts and their access privileges with fine-grained access reviews performed by custodians/data owners, ensuring custom recertification intervals, approvals, notifications, and remediate actions.

Multiple Authentication Mechanisms

Get full control over authentication and authorization by implementing risk-based multi-factor authentication and secure encryption technologies. Also, it makes extremely easy to incorporate multiple authentication options (including third-party mechanisms) based on your application customizations.

Out-of-the-box Integrations

Quickly configure and go live using out-of-the-box integrations with prominent market products that you’ve already invested in. You can also develop custom connectors based on standard connectors with customized schemas, operations, actions, and reconciliation methods.

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Simplify External User Access Management Challenges with EIAG and Bulwark Technologies

Get a better understanding of how ISSQUARED® EIAG can simplify administration and access control of non-employees and safeguard your business from security risks and threats

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