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Digital Guardian Secure Collaboration

Secure Sensitive Data Everywhere it Goes with Fortra's Digital Guardian Secure Collaboration

Secure Collaboration from Fortra’s Digital Guardian secures sensitive data through its entire life cycle, everywhere it travels, no matter who has it or where it’s stored.

Ultimate data protection with Digital Guardian Secure Collaboration.

Fortra’s Digital Guardian Secure Collaboration (previously known as Vera) enables organizations to secure, track, and revoke access to confidential data, across any platform or device. Digital Guardian Secure Collaboration encrypts and protects critical enterprise data while still allowing collaborators to create, access, edit, store, and share data easily using the apps, web services (e.g. Box, Dropbox), and devices they prefer. Digital Guardian Secure Collaboration makes it effortless to securely collaborate with anyone, no matter which tools they choose to use. Digital Guardian Secure Collaboration ensures that your sensitive data remains in your control outside the organization

Bulwark Technologies is an authorised distributor for Fortra's Digital Guardian Secure Collaboration (previously known as Vera).

What Makes Your Organization Unique?

We can protect that advantage

Organizations are collaborating outside their borders, now more than ever. However, the minute you email or share a file or link, you lose control over how, when, and where that data will be used. You need a way to manage access in real-time, even when the data is in someone else’s hands.

Secure Collaboration from Fortra’s Digital Guardian secures sensitive data through its entire life cycle, everywhere it travels, no matter who has it or where it’s stored. Learn more

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Enable Safe Collaboration

Documents are encrypted even after download, giving you control inside and outside your environment.

Zero Trust File Security

Secure sensitive data. With a single click, protect any file type with AES 256-bit encryption.

Easy Adoption

No software required for end-users — internal or external.. No significant workflow changes or training required.

The Secure Collaboration Features You Need


Automatically secure your sensitive data when it’s shared internally and externally.


Track every time data is accessed throughout it’s lifecycle.


Mitigate compliance risk with full audit trail.


Revoke access to sensitive data and files shared with departing employees and 3rd party providers.

No Matter How You Share Your Data, Protect it with Digital Guardian Secure Collaboration

Secure Digital Rights Management

Security is applied at the individual file level and follows it into perpetuity

Dynamic Access Control

Govern who gets access to a file and what level of access they’re allowed. This can apply at the user Dynamic Access Control, group, or domain level. Revoke access at will

Active File Security

Create & change policies dynamically. Enable or restrict user access in real-time, e.g., Collaborate or View Only, Copy/Paste, Print, Screenshot, Dynamic Watermarking

Flexible Deployment Options

SaaS, Hybrid, or On-Prem (in VPC). Client/agent or View/Edit in Browser (VIB/EIB)

Broad File Format Support

Dynamic, granular control for Microsoft Office files, PDFs, multiple CAD file types, media files, and more

Support Collaboration Systems

Dropbox, Box, SharePoint, OneDrive, On-Prem network shares, and email

What Types of Data We Protect

Financial and Legal Documents

Easily and securely share financial and legal data with third parties external to your organization.

Files in Cloud Collaboration

We automatically protect your sensitive content no matter where you store it, including Box, DropBox, OneDrive, SharePoint, or on-premises.

Manufacturing CAD/CAM Files

Keep trade secrets secure, from R&D and product designs to supplier contracts.

Secure Any Data or File Type

Our platform is content-agnostic, so we can secure any type of file, from board communications to sensitive HR documents.

How Does it Work

How Does Digital Guardian Secure Collaboration Work?

Make Office 365 More Secure with Digital Guardian Secure Collaboration

Digital Guardian Secure Collaboration provides Office 365 customers with strong encryption, monitoring, and controls that are as easy to use as clicking Save, or attaching a file to an email in Outlook. With Digital Guardian Secure Collaboration, a single click protects documents, presentations, videos, and images with AES 256-bit encryption and granular access policies that travel with the file. With its simple, consistent interface across platforms, Digital Guardian Secure Collaboration promotes secure behavior and keeps employees away from risky workarounds.

Digital Guardian to collaborate more securely through Office 365, Exchange, and OneDrive.

With Digital Guardian Secure Collaboration, your IT team can automatically encrypt, track, and control access to every attachment. Imagine what you could do if you knew exactly who was sharing information, with whom, when and where.

Use Digital Guardian Secure Collaboration's centralized content dashboard to track every file and limit access no matter how it’s shared (Personal/Business one drive). In Office 365, secure files the moment they’re created, mitigating data loss.

Digital Guardian Secure Collaboration gives you a recall button that actually works, on any file, from any device, anywhere in the world. Even if your email is forwarded to a competitor, you can revoke access from anyone, instantly.

Document tracking with Digital Guardian Secure Collaboration and Office 365 gives you detailed insight about how your files are traveling, globally

Images, videos, and more can be secured and tracked. Build a viral video, survey a new site for your global headquarters, or share photos from the team offsite. Digital Guardian Secure Collaboration got your back.

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Make Office 365 More Secure with Digital Guardian Secure Collaboration

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