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Email Security and Data Loss Prevention Redefined

Detect, inspect and secure critical data through Fortra’s Clearswift Email Security
and Data Loss Prevention solutions across email, web, and the cloud.

Fortra's Clearswift is an Adaptive Data loss Prevention solutions for Email, Web, Cloud and Endpoints.

Clearswift provides data loss prevention solutions for email, web, cloud and endpoints. IT teams need trusted solutions to defend against inbound cyber-attacks and outbound data loss. Clearswift’s suite of data security products provide consistent protection across email, web, cloud, and endpoints, allowing teams to collaborate effectively and securely, while providing IT with control and visibility over important sensitive data.Data loss prevention (DLP) is a key concern for organizations who need to comply with regulatory requirements such as GDPR or HIPAA. Organizations in industries such as defense, government, healthcare and financial services rely on Clearswift to provide the highest level of data loss protection.

All Clearswift products are based on a Deep Content Inspection Engine that detects, analyzes and modifies content in real time. Unique redaction and sanitization features remove only the elements that can potentially cause an unwanted data breach or disruptive cyber-attack, keeping communications flowing and risk-free.

Bulwark Technologies is an authorised distributor for Fortra's Clearswift Secure Email Gateway, Web gateway and ICAP Gateway.

Clearswift - Award Winning Email Security Solutions

Clearswift Email Security

Email Security

Clearswift offers a unique and effective layer of real-time signature-less inspection to detect and sanitize evasive threats, delivering highly secure email without delay, whether it's working on its own or alongside other deployments, such as Microsoft 365

Data Loss Prevention

Automatically apply the optimal security treatment based on data's content, context and required regulation policy, including real-time redaction, encryption, blocking or deleting and protecting against sensitive data leakage in image-based files.

Clearswift Cloud Security

Cloud Security

Wrap an unprecedented layer of email security and sanitization around Office 365 to prevent targeted phishing attacks, embedded malware, and the loss of sensitive and confidential data that could evade Microsoft's basic security controls.

Clearswift Web Security

Web Security

Protect against malicious websites, phishing and drive-by downloads that evade detection with a deep level of web inspection that scans content with a choice of three anti-virus engines. Add an unprecedented layer of content threat protection and data loss prevention to secure existing web proxy infrastructures and managed file transfers.

Trusted Clearswift Products

Secure Email Gateway

The award-winning Clearswift Secure Email Gateway offers an unprecedented level of cyberattack protection and outbound data loss prevention. Features include deep content inspection control on size and types of attachments, Adaptive Redaction, Optical Character Recognition, and Anti-Steganography for secure email collaboration.

Secure Web Gateway

Clearswift Secure Web Gateway allows organizations to enforce internet security through policy management across web traffic, web-based applications, and cloud collaborations platforms.

Secure ICAP Gateway

Clearswift Secure ICAP Gateway augments the security of critical information flowing through an organization’s existing web proxy infrastructure or managed file transfer. By inspecting content for sensitive data information, malware, or other threats, organizations have added security needed to protect the data.

Clearswift Secure EMAIL Gateway

Protect against inbound email cyberattacks and prevent outbound data loss

Clearswift’s Secure Email Gateway (SEG) not only protects against spam, viruses, and advanced threats including phishing, ransomware, and spyware, but layers on the next-gen Cloud Sandbox from Sophos. This offers machine learning to provide an additional layer of security for content or communications deemed suspicious.

IT teams need to ensure that information being shared across email both inside and out of the organization is not only secure, but appropriate and compliant. Clearswift’s unparalleled level of inspection and granular policy controls apply the optimal security treatment to your emails in real time reducing the risk of data loss. This keeps your communications safe and flowing, without business disruptions. 

Clearswift Secure Email Gateway Overview

Key Features of Clearswift's Secure Email Gateway

Using multiple Anti-virus Engines, the SEG provides inbound threat protection using traditional signature, heuristic, and cloud assisted lookups to deliver protection against malware, ransomware, and spyware.

Augment the AV engines with Active Code detection and an Active Code removal option or a cloud-based Sandbox to detonate the file to ensure no Zero-day threats get through.

Malicious URLs in messages and attachments can be checked using several threat feeds, which can cause the message to be blocked, the URL to be sanitized, or the URL be rewritten so that if the link is clicked the URL will be processed by a Browser Isolation solution.

Spam and phishing emails are dealt with by a multi-engine, multi-layered spam filtration system, incorporating Signature Engines with machine learning, DMARC, DKIM, SPF, IP Reputation, Greylisting and URL analysis. This provides a highly accurate and flexible approach where messages can be blocked, held, or delivered with warnings — all based on policy.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is not just an outbound problem. Depending on your business, you might need to control the content of what’s being received by your employees.

It is imperative that a thorough understanding of the message is performed by the deep content inspection capabilities in order to understand the email body, subject lines, and attachments (such as PDFs, Word documents, and images). This way, they can be scanned for critical information like intellectual property, employee’s personal information, or forgotten content like metadata, revision history, or customer data.

Metadata can include document classification tags from Titus and Boldon James solutions which can signify whether the content is unclassified, classified, or even top secret.

The understanding of the content and the context is then applied into configured policies to determine if the message should be rejected, held, delivered, delivered encrypted, or sanitized in some way prior to delivery.

Sanitization can take the form of automatic redaction of text with message bodies and attachments including images (such as screen shots) using OCR technology, or document sanitization which can remove hidden metadata, revision information, and auto-saved data associated with documents and images.

The SEG enables compliance with regulations (GDPR, HIPAA, etc.) – detects, protects, and audits emails, and attachments to validate sensitive data. Then it applies the appropriate security remediation according to the specific regulation standards.

Encryption provides security and regulatory compliance needed to keep data secure. Multiple encryption options provide many ways to secure email content by verifying that messages cannot be read by the wrong recipients, and the message stays intact - not modified by anyone from sender to recipient.

The SEG encryption options allow policies to be based on sender, recipient, subject content, message body, attachment types, attachment content, message header or document metadata. Using encryption guarantees confidentiality, integrity, and availability of organizational data.

Clearswift with Cryoserver addresses archiving and compliance in one platform.

• Provides C-Level Executives with transparency
• Adheres to corporate governance and risk management
• Alleviates IT department storage concerns
• Offers a forensic archive and compliance system
• Retains full audited copies of all emails sent to, from, and within a business
• Preserves data as required by courts and legal practice


Deployment Options

Deployment Requirements

A standard RHEL operating stack is required, which includes Microsoft Azure, Amazon’s AWS, or localized cloud providers. Clearswift will take care of the installation and upgrades across all platforms

Product Specifications of Clearswift Secure Email Gateway

Deep Content Inspection Engine

Anti Virus Options



Browser isolation protects from web-based threats by isolating users away from their local networks and infrastructure thereby allowing website access without compromising security

Secure Email Gateway for Microsoft 365.

As organizations move their email to the Cloud, deploying Clearswift alongside applications like Microsoft 365 delivers a more comprehensive layer of protection against cyberthreats and data loss. Clearswift’s SEG features deep content inspection that examines email headers, subject lines, body content, attachments, images, and even metadata within documents. As a result, the risk of targeted phishing attacks, embedded malware and leaks of confidential information that evade detection from Microsoft’s basic security controls are mitigated. Giving you more protection and control of internal emails lessening the risk of employees sending information not intended for all employees. The Clearswift SEG with Microsoft 365 closes security threat gaps, protecting your organization.

Clearswift Secure WEB Gateway

Complete and consistent protection for internet security

With Clearswift Web Security Gateway (WSG) enforce consistent internet security through flexible and granular policy management across web traffic, web-based applications, and cloud collaboration platforms.

Prevent accidental data leaks with real-time content and context-aware scanning that can detect and modify sensitive information being shared across the web, such as social posts or document uploads to websites and/or cloud-based applications. With SWG, your organization can monitor web traffic and prevent access to inappropriate or malicious sites, as well as remove suspicious scripts or harmful executables from downloaded content.

SWG empowers you to balance the need to protect critical information entering and leaving your organization with the ability to continuously collaborate with customers, suppliers, and partners across the web.

Key Benefits of Clearswift Secure Web Gateway

Realtime Web Hygiene

High quality reporting and auditing features give actionable insight into the way information is used on your networks, driving inbound threat protection, preventing data leakage and maintaining productive use of company network resources.

Policy Managements

Active directory integration allows for flexible policy control to be applied by company, department, group, or on an individual level. This enables organizations to tailor their security policies and comply with regulations without interfering with collaboration across web and cloud platforms.

Simple Operations

The intuitive web-based interface simplifies administrative tasks while allowing for powerful policy granularity, helping organizations meet strict security requirements without the burden of complicated and time-consuming administration.

Minimise Business Disruption

Real-time monitoring, inspection, and unique redaction technology makes your web content safe. By removing or blocking only confidential information, the rest of the web traffic can continue without disruption or triggering false positives.

Informed Reporting

High quality reporting and auditing features give actionable insight into the way information is used on your networks, driving inbound threat protection, preventing data leakage and maintaining productive use of company network resources.

Clearswift Secure ICAP Gateway

Protect data flowing through existing web proxy infrastructure or managed file transfers (MFT)

Clearswift’s Secure ICAP Gateway (ICAP) is a fully automated solution that augments the security of critical information flowing through an organization’s existing web proxy infrastructure or managed file transfers (MFT).

With the movement of data both internally and externally via the web or MFT solutions comes risks of accidental exposure of critical information or receiving hidden threats within documents or images. The added security features of ICAP enable organizations to inspect content for sensitive information, malware, or even high-risk executables that pose a threat to your data.

Going beyond traditional stop and block technology, ICAP applies the appropriate measures to questionable content based on your organization’s policies. This allows safe content to flow through and reduce business disruptions.

Going beyond traditional stop and block technology, ICAP applies the appropriate measures to questionable content based on your organization’s policies. This allows safe content to flow through and reduce business disruptions.

Key Features of Clearswift's Secure ICAP Gateway

Automatically apply the optimal security treatment of your data based on content, context and required regulation policy. Ensure the acceptable level of information is shared and received and that critical information remains safe at all times.

Our deep content inspection engine can fully disassemble the communication flow providing a complete understanding of the critical information being shared. This solution is not limited by file size, zip/encryption, or multiple embedded document layers. It provides high detection rates, which keeps data secure and keeps business operating.

If your infrastructure has a proxy gateway that supports ICAP, such as Zscaler, F5, Bluecoat or a managed file transfer solution, the full power of Clearswift’s technology can be integrated very easily to augment the security in their existing infrastructure with no end user changes. There are flexible deployment options, too. You can run the solution in AWS or Azure, virtualized in a VMware Environment, or as a software image loaded on a choice of hardware platforms. This gives you the flexibility to adapt to your organization’s IT strategy.

Clearswift’s unique adaptive redaction technology modifies content in real-time making documents safe from specific content per your organization’s security policies. Forgotten content like meta-data, revision history, properties and other hidden and unchecked information can be blocked or removed to protect your sensitive information from being exposed.

Files received from third parties, like purchase orders, invoices, or legal documents, could include malicious content and pose a threat to your organization’s critical data. With our adaptive technology it can neutralize risks like embedded malware, suspicious scripts and other high-risk content from entering or leaving your organization without disrupting the flow of communication

Clearswift Secure ICAP Gateway integrates seamlessly with Fortra's GoAnywhere MFT  solutions to create a powerful solution for organizations that require augmented security around file transfers.

Why Clearswift Secure ICAP Gateway?

Complete and granual Control.

Block, encrypt or remove critical data to mitigate risk and ensure compliance

Flexible Security Augmentation

Enhance the security of existing gateways, F5, Bluecoat, or MFT solutions

Reduce the risk of File Transfer

Minimize the cybersecurity threat to your organization when users share files

ICAP Gateway Plus MFT Solutions

Integrate with Fortra's GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer (MFT).

File transfers can be taken to the next level of threat protection and data loss prevention when combined with ICAP. Fortra’s MFT software solutions, including GoAnywhere and Globalscape EFT, not only securely transfer inbound and outbound files better, but when seamlessly integrated with ICAP, they can deliver superior management control and security.

Fortra's GoAnywhere MFT and Clearswift ICAP

Clearswift DataSheets

Clearswift Datasheet

Clearswift Secure Email Gateway

Clearswift Datasheet

Clearswift Secure Web Gateway

Clearswift Datasheet

Clearswift Secure ICAP Gateway

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