The most powerful way to find, monitor, and protect sensitive data on premises and in the cloud

Rapidly reduce risk, detect advanced threats, and prove compliance

Data Protection

  • Prioritizes and fixes permissions exposures
  • Tracks all data access activity
  • Automates authorization, migration, and deletion
  • Visualizes risk across hybrid environments

Privacy & Compliance

  • Finds and classifies data with hundreds of built-in rules
  • Prioritizes based on sensitivity, exposure, and activity
  • Labels or quarantines sensitive data
  • Enables Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) for unstructured data

Threat Detection & Response

  • Analyzes the right telemetry from data,
    directory services, DNS, and edge devices
  • Builds the right context about users, roles, devices,
    and data
  • Makes forensics intuitive and conclusive
  • Decreases time to detect and time to respond

Protect Sensitive Data

  • Open Access Remediation
  • Zero Trust Data Security
  • Data Access Governance

Streamline Privacy & Compliance

  • Data Discovery & Classification
  • Privacy Regulation Auditing
  • Automated DSARs

Detect Threats

  • Ransomware
  • APT
  • Insider Threats


Free Data Risk Assessment from Varonis for 30days

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