SGBox SIEM Security Platform

SGBox is a modular platform for controlling and managing ICT security. Its modular and distributed architecture means it can adapt to the various company needs. With SGBox, you can create an aggregate display with all the information gathered from log collection, vulnerability scan and endpoint status. The collected information feeds a correlation engine and analytics system to provide a fully network security posture and adopt automatic response against cyber security threats. SGBox SIEM is offered as on premise or cloud installation; single or multi-tenant version

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Products & Services:


Data Investigation

Collects and classifies data’s from any source type, to provide a clear overview of each organization security


Advanced threat detection & response

Define correlation rules to detect abnormal behaviors through a simple and intuitive interface


Vulnerability management

Identifies vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and other security indicators


IT security Monitoring

Provides real-time information, analyzing performance and status of network components


User Behavior Analytics

Track, collect and evaluate data relating to user activity


Advanced detection and orchestration

Regulation & compliance 

Support to companies in the certification and compliance path towards the main regulations, such as SAMA, GDPR, PCI-DSS, ISO27001, etc.

Threat Intelligence Feed 

Collects and analyzes data to identify potential or actual threats to the IT infrastructure




Predictable price: The license cost is based on the total number of devices that send logs without any limitations on the amount of the collected data or managed events per second (EPS)
Integrations: Through the Rest API’s SGBox guarantees interoperability with external solutions for the activation of automated responses to security threats.
Product architecture: An unlimited number of free remote collectors can be deployed to collect informations from complex or segment networks and remote offices.
Multi-tenant: MSSP’s benefits the power of the multi tenant console to manage the SGBox SIEM installations, whether they are on premises or in the cloud