Acunetix lets you manage security risks associated with your web presence. It detects an extensive range of web vulnerabilities and helps you eliminate them. Acunetix is the most established product of its class on the market. It is the tool of choice of many industry leaders including Fortune 500 companies.

– Highest SQL Injection and XSS Detection Rate Plus 4500+ additional vulnerabilities
– Extremely Fast Multi-threaded crawler – Scan thousands of pages without interruptions
– Easy technical and compliance reports
– Lowest False Positives – IAST Testing with AcuSensor

End-to-End Enterprise Web Security with Acunetix 360

Vulnerability scanning is not enough for a large organization to face present-day security-related challenges. Enterprise requires a comprehensive web application security management platform that allows them to easily find, fix, and prevent vulnerabilities. Acunetix 360 is an end-to-end web security solution that offers a 360 view of an organization’s security posture. It allows the enterprise to take control of the security of all its web applications, web services, and APIs, ensuring long-term protection. Central to Acunetix 360 is the Acunetix scanning engine, which is globally known, trusted, and appreciated for its unbeatable speed and precision.

Continuously Protect All Your Web Assets

To start protecting your web assets, you must first know what they are and where they are. Acunetix 360 is a unique solution that can help you find them and never forget about them.
• Don’t overlook anything. Automatically discover web assets that are owned by your business and/or manually import them.
• Streamline your processes. Use security policies to continuously monitor and safeguard your web assets.
• Find every vulnerability and only real vulnerabilities. Don’t waste valuable resources researching false positives.

Make Sure that Every Vulnerability is Fixed

A large organization cannot afford to manually fix every vulnerability. Unlike simpler vulnerability scanners, Acunetix 360 supports your entire workflow.
• Have the right team address the issue. Integrate with issue trackers to automatically assign tasks to the right person.
• Include all stakeholders. Keep the right people informed using custom workflows with granular permissions and various communication channels.
• Don’t let mistakes happen. Automatically retest after an issue has been marked as fixed and, if needed, reassign to the responsible party.

Catch Issues Before They Emerge

The fewer errors make it to production, the better. Make sure to prevent exposure by enforcing vulnerability testing at the right stages of your SDLC.
• Don’t miss any bugs in your code. Use your proven continuous integration solution to include an incremental vulnerability scan in every build.
• Quickly pinpoint and fix the problem. The level of detail provided by Acunetix 360 helps you avoid additional research and resource costs.
• Do it your way. Integration capabilities of Acunetix 360 let you avoid the costs associated with implementing additional solutions.

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