EnGenius is the pioneer of Long-Range high power wireless solution provider in the telecommunication industry. As a leader of wireless technology, EnGenius stays ahead of the trends and promises to provide high quality products and services to its customers globally. Get connected, get EnGenius.

EnGenius is a leading brand of Senao Networks, Inc. a manufacturer of long-range wireless communication network equipment in Taiwan. EnGenius features a complete product line for all wireless environments, from enterprise-class wireless communications systems which includes long-range cordless phones, network servers and security products, wireless mesh networking for digital wireless network cities, to end-user wireless network products.

In the new era of wireless technology, EnGenius uses advanced high-power, high-sensitivity and high-transmission rate technology, transcending the limitations of distance and space.


WLAN Management – The Neutron Series

A scalable solution for operations that need to deploy, monitor and manage numerous EnGenius EWS Wireless AP.
– Wireless Management Switches

– Managed APs

Ethernet Switches

A line of layer 2 and Smart PoE Gigabit switches specifically designed to meet the needs of start-up and small-to-medium sized businesses.
• PoE Ethernet Switches

Outdoor APs / Bridges

Exclusive long range and RF technologies allow robust competency in providing innovative products and designs in the most difficult of scenarios. Exclusive long range and RF technologies allow robust competency in providing innovative products and designs in the most difficult of scenarios.
– Outdoor Dual Concurrent APs
– Outdoor APs / Bridges
-EnStation Series

Outdoor Antenna

Ideal for outdoor AP communications at outdoor signal broadcast, better RF performance,flexible installation and cost efficiency.
– Sector Antennas
– Dipole Antennas

Indoor APs / Bridges

The combination of feature rich, versatile and high-power Wireless N technologies deliver best-in-class performance & Coverage for SMB networks.
– Indoor Dual Concurrent APs / Bridges
– Indoor APs / Bridges

Networked Surveillance Cameras

A security system consists of a variety of cameras and management software that monitors and records video over an IP based network.
– IP Cameras
– Long Range IP Cameras

Accessories for Expanded Network

Extending the wired connection distance easily and compatibly for seamless outdoor networking facility and low-port density installations.
– Adapter
– Injector
– Others

Consumer Networking

Affordable, easy-to-use wireless networking solutions provide whole-home coverage and ultra-fast speed to optimize the bandwidth intensive functions.
– Mesh Router
– IoT Gateways
– Home Routers
– Media Bridges / Repeaters
– Network Cameras
– Wireless Adapters

Phone Systems

Elimination of dead zones with cordless telephone systems that
Incorporate built-in site survey tools to ensure maximum RSSI
For proper base placement.
– 800MHz
– 900MHz

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