CyberCyte is a UK based cybersecurity company providing a framework of solutions based on the concept of Circle of Zero Trust utilising identity management, network access control and DNS security.  CyberCyte products has become the preferred technology in major international banks, enterprises and government agencies to protect their users and digital assets seamlessly with minimum operational overhead. Identification of cyber espionage, malicious data exfiltration and zero-day attacks are the key focus areas of CyberCyte threat protection platform.  CyberCyte solutions enable 100% visibility and device control in the network even users are off premises by offering a portfolio consisting of three major products.


NetCyte is a next-generation network access control solution that provides dynamic and adaptive access control with unparalleled threat discovery.
NetCyte creates a holistic view of the IT infrastructure by enabling 100% accurate discovery, classification and profiling of any device.
NetCyte reduces the attack surface and minimises the impact of cyber threats originating from devices in the corporate networks.
NetCyte is the Most Advanced Platform for Agentless Threat Discovery.
The solution is an agent-based and agentless. Thanks to its .NET based technology agentless threat discovery is more advanced than any of its competitors.  The system is easy to deploy, as no agents or traffic analysis is required. The system can integrate with any VPN solution to audit and secure remote access.


DNSCyte is a cloud-based security platform based on DNS filtering.  The system utilises global cyber threat intelligence and machine learning to block threats and targeted attacks in real time.
DNSCyte has indexed 99.9% of the Internet, which includes more than 1.7 billion web sites and 350 million top-level domains growing daily. With this intelligence, DNSCyte protects global businesses and users blocking malicious activity, including zero-day attacks. DNSCyte handles the DNS requests from users and redirects malicious requests to a sinkhole providing a new layer of security with artificial intelligence. The platform provides protection from malicious software like ransomware, C&C, spyware and others.
DNSCyte Can Integrate with Any Existing DNS Topology.  DNSCyte DNS Relay is a VMWARE/Hyper-V based image provided to discover the source of the malicious traffic. DNS relay is a DNS Server that is installed on the corporate network receiving DNS queries before the local DNS Server then forwarding them to the local DNS Server after analysis. DNSCyte can integrate with Microsoft DNS, Bind DNS, Citrix NetScaler,F5 and Infoblox in identifying the source of the malicious traffic without relaying the DNS traffic.


IDCyte is an on-premise based identity management platform that includes Single Sign On (SSO), Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and biometric identity. According to the recent statistics, the largest spambot dumps comprises around 700 million records, containing almost 60 million passwords. Identity of the enterprises and their users are under massive threat. Such compromises have huge financial and reputational implications. Compromised user credentials are key to exploit and infiltrate corporate defences. IDCyte is an enabler for strong authentication by supporting multiple credentials; such as a code from a smartphone, the answer to a security question, a push notification approval, OTP or biometric control.

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