SendQuick by Talariax is a range of omni-channel gateways that leverages Calls, SMS, Email, Social Media Apps & Collaboration Tools to help organizations manage all alerts & notifications (incidents & responses) emanating from the complete IP-addressable infrastructure (IT/Non-IT) by detecting systems/operations downtime & security threats. The solution can also authenticate and authorize users for secured infratsructure, application & direct server access by providing secured multi-factor authentication. Integrations with backend applications are also supported in order to streamline communication, improve responses, foster customer service interactions & monitor the availability and efficiency of all systems & networks. To date, 85% of the world’s Fortune-500 companies have already deployed SendQuick worldwide along with a total of 2400 installations across 50 different countries & industry verticals.

The sendQuick line of solutions include:

Ethernet Switches

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