SecurEnvoy provides cyber security solutions which deliver verifiable trust and data protection to millions of users worldwide. The SecureIdentity & Protection Suite of solutions delivers a unique combination of trusted identity and access management with complete data loss prevention – giving you the power to identify, control and protect any user, any data, on any device, whatever the location.

A true innovator, SecurEnvoy has been at the forefront of secure identity and access management for two decades, with thousands of customers worldwide and a strong team of technical experts providing outstanding innovation and support. In 2003, SecurEnvoy brought the first-ever tokenless two-factor authentication product to market and continue to innovate and lead today with flexible Multi-factor Authentication and Data Discovery solutions

SecurEnvoy Data Discovery Essentials (DDE)

An easy-to-use tool to deploy and discover confidential and sensitive information automatically, whether data is residing in the cloud or on premise. SecurEnvoy DDE is an essential tool for any organisation, enabling you to quickly understand the data you have, wherever it is located. With complete visibility of data across your entire organisation you can respond rapidly to data compliance requests.

With SecurEnvoy DDE you can:

• Understand and track where your confidential and sensitive data resides across multiple platforms, applications and devices
• Quickly assess the risk sensitive data poses
• Easily perform data subject access requests to comply with data regulations


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