Randtronics is a global leader in enterprise encryption technologies. Our software enables organisations to increase the protection of their sensitive data via encryption from good to great.

Organizations worldwide that store sensitive information are facing new challenges posed by sophisticated, persistent attackers who have the financial resources / incentives, technical skills and patience to evade perimeter security measures, and once inside have proven adept at exploiting security loopholes to exfiltrate sensitive information.

To us, increasing encryption protection from good to great means cutting off the avenues that attackers use to circumvent the native encryption services that come built-in to many database products and cloud hosted environments.

Randtronics DPM provides ‘out-of-band encryption – encryption that runs and is administered independently from the control of privileged server root administrators or database administrators. ‘Out-of-band’ encryption creates an ‘air-gap’ between an organizations day-to-day system IT users and its sensitive data. Randtronics DPM enables organizations to define and implement encryption policies and key management policies.

Randtronics is dedicated to the mission of making encryption effective. We are a technology company that recognizes that the principle opportunity for improving encryption effectiveness comes down to making it easy and simple to deploy and manage encryption as an enterprise capability that shuts down avenues for evasion.

Out-of-the-box, Randtronics DPM provides encryption of databases, applications, application secrets, keys and passwords implemented without any code changes or business process changes.

Randtronics DPM enhances the depth of protection that encryption provides to your sensitive data.

DPM is a layered offering that includes strong encryption with fine grained access control, multi-factor authentication, logging and auditing.

For customers seeking both ease of initial implementation and future-proof capabilities, DPM offers future upgrade path to further tighten security using tokenization, static and dynamic masking, anonymization, pseudonymization and format preserving encryption.


Randtronics DPM provides ‘out-of-channel’ encryption protection for multi-vendor databases running on premises or in cloud

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