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Email and collaboration are where work happens — they’re also where risk is concentrated. Mass consolidation on a handful of cloud platforms like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace has created irresistible targets; and malicious actors target them relentlessly, using the top attack vector — email — to deliver everything from phishing to ransomware.

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And they count on a key constant to achieve their aims — the propensity of humans to make mistakes. It’s no surprise that 91% of cyberattacks start with email or that 94% of successful breaches involve some form of human error. At the same time, technology is not infallible. Our total dependence on it makes organizations more vulnerable than ever. How has the security industry responded to these challenges? By creating a complex web of point products designed to address critical areas of risk. However, this approach has generated a level of complexity that’s untenable. Put simply, IT and security teams are spending more time managing technology than risk. Mimecast uses AI and Machine Learning models based on our analysis of more than 1.3B emails daily. By filtering out malicious emails at scale and driving intelligent analysis of the “unknown”, Mimecast’s advanced email and collaboration security optimizes efficacy and helps make smarter decisions about communications that fall into the grey area between safe and malicious

#1 Security companion for 365 and Workspace

Mimecast: Work Protected™ Since 2003, Mimecast has stopped bad things from happening to good organizations by enabling them to work protected. We empower more than 40,000 customers to help mitigate risk and manage complexities across a threat landscape driven by malicious cyberattacks, human error, and technology fallibility. Our advanced solutions provide the proactive threat detection, brand protection, awareness training, and data retention capabilities that evolving workplaces need today. Mimecast solutions are designed to transform email and collaboration security into the eyes and ears of organizations worldwide.  

Mimecast Extensible Security Hooks (MESH)

Mimecast Extensible Security Hooks (MESH) provide an API gateway that enables third-party integrations of all kinds, delivering full extensibility and allowing threat data, policies, and practices to be applied or shared programmatically with other security and data solutions.  We believe in the power of together. Our purpose-built, cloud-native X1 Platform provides an extensible architecture that lets you quickly and easily integrate Mimecast with your existing investments to help reduce risk and complexity across your entire estate.


Mimecast is a critical additional layer of defense for Google or Office 365 . Email is a primary attack vector with employees being targeted with ransomware, impersonation and spear phishing. Use best practices for email security by deploying multiple layers of defense for the best protection. Mimecast provides URL, attachment and impersonation protection for stopping advanced attacks before causing financial or brand damage to the organization. An extensive threat intelligence network and blended security technologies deliver an enhanced security posture to make G Suite safer for your business. Mimecast integrated suite of cloud services provides email risk mitigation for Office 365 – bridging the gap between single vendor and best-of-breed. Mimecast products provide defense in depth against targeted threats, strengthen data integrity and provide disaster recovery in the event of a Microsoft infrastructure outage.

Secure Email Gateway

Mimecast Secure Email Gateway uses sophisticated, multi-layered detection engines and intelligence to protect email data and employees from malware, spam, advanced threats and zero-day attacks. The Mimecast Secure Email Gateway Provides:

• Better security and system performance with the ability to stop known and advanced email threats before they reach your network.

• A single cloud platform with threat intelligence that updates instantly and extends easily to control sensitive data.

• Ultimate administrator visibility and control to rapidly and consistently apply policies across the organization.

MailBox Continuity

With Mimecast Mailbox Continuity downtime is a thing of the past. In the event of a sudden email outage or planned downtime, Mimecast provides uninterrupted access to live and historic email and attachments from the Mimecast Cloud using everyday tools like Outlook for Windows, the web and mobile applications. Employees get guaranteed access to email —from anywhere, on any device. And administrators can do it all without expensive hardware and software. Mimecast Mailbox Continuity Provides:

• Management of downtime of on-premises, cloud and hybrid primary email systems for better productivity and peace of mind

• Uninterrupted access to all live and historic email and calendar information from everyday applications and devices to keep business moving

• 100% service availability SLA delivered from the highly secure Mimecast cloud

Enterprise Information Archiving

Thousands of customers rely on Mimecast to archive their important email, files and documents. MIMECAST PROVIDES:

• Rapid search and access to retrieve archived email within seconds

• Access to employee personal archives on any device, anywhere

• Flexible policy driven retention at the organization, group, mailbox or published retention folder level

• Comprehensive compliance, e-discovery and litigation support including legal hold, case management and data export

• Complete archive access logging including searches and message views

• Encrypted, secure storage in multiple geographically-dispersed data centers with triplicate copies for built-in redundancy

• Per employee pricing not based on email volume or the number of mailboxes delivering lower TCO

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