Identity & Access Management (IAM) Platform

Making the complex simple. Effective, secure Identity & Access Management for all your business challenges.

Quick to deploy, simple administration and an intuitive user experience.

A complete IAM solution that delivers effective security, simply

  • Designed with ease of use for the user and the team managing IAM in mind. SecurEnvoy IAM provides Single Sign On, Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication, Access Management and User Life Cycle management.
  • Delivers effortless onboarding, user interaction and administration.
  • Active identity database supported by a robust, fully integrated Universal Directory (UD) as the Single Source of Truth (SSOT).
  • Underpinned by IRAD our AI/machine learning intelligent reporting and anomaly detection.

Increasing complexity driving the need for easy-to-use IAM

  • Complexity in modern environments
  • Password Fatigue
  • Joiners, Movers, Leavers, Remote, Contractors – mistakes

  • The increase of insider threat
  • Increasing levels of sensitive data

Simple & effective Security Management in a single pane of glass view

The SecurEnvoy IAM platform delivers what your team needs, simply and effectively, removing workload and providing the tools you need in a single pane of glass view.

  • Increases security while reducing the time taken to manage complex environments
  • Simplifies how you manage user access
  • Dynamically enforces access decisions around devices, applications and data repositories
  • Logs all events for instant forensic traceability of all actions



Unobtrusive user-friendly security that protects without interfering

Effective and unobtrusive security allows users to get on with their business lives. It reduces the need for multiple passwords and logons with Single Sign On (SSO) and provides easy-to-use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) with a comprehensive range of devices and access methods. Adaptive Authentication takes MFA and SSO to the next level, recognising the user’s device and applications they can access, without the need to authenticate again.



Identity Access Management Lifecycle. Stay on top of every move and action

Simple and automated provisioning and de-provisioning of users reducing management time consumed.

Quickly add or remove users to defined groups.

Simple, flexible deployment and integration to suit any business

The SecurEnvoy Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform offers deployment options to suit any business.

Options include a fully managed SaaS solution direct from SecurEnvoy, a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) model through your chosen specialist integrator, or an on-premise solution within your data centre or in your own private cloud.

Dynamic application on-boarding providing rapid security for any public cloud application or web portal.