Data-Centric Audit and Protection

DatAdvantage is the heart of our Data Security Platform, giving you complete visibility and control over your critical data and hybrid IT infrastructure.

We bring data security and cost-savings together

DatAdvantage maps who can access data and who does access data – across file and email systems, shows where users have too much access, and then safely automates changes to access control lists and security groups.

Unlike many products that take the mile-wide, inchdeep approach, Varonis is consistently extending its full suite of data security functionality to the systems that are most important to our customers.

Assess, prioritize, and mitigate your biggest IT security risks

Our dashboards show where you’re at risk, and track your progress as you lock things down. Quickly pinpoint exposed folders, stale data, or inactive accounts that are still enabled. With Data Classification Engine, which looks inside files, you’ll also see where you have regulated and sensitive data that’s at risk an alert represents a real compromise or an insignificant anomaly.

  1. Visualize who can access sensitive and regulated information
  2. Audit every single file and email touch on premises and in the cloud
  3. Simulate changes in a sandbox and safely commit them when ready
  4. Eliminate repetitive clean-up projects and automate manual data protection tasks

Search a unified audit trail of events

With a unified audit trail, admins or security analysts are only a few clicks away from knowing who’s been opening, creating, deleting, or modifying important files, sites, Azure Active Directory objects, emails, and more.



Get a panoramic view of data access

DatAdvantage has a bi-directional view: just double-click on a folder, site, or mailbox to see who has access to it, or click on a user or group to see everything they can access – across all your data stores. DatAdvantage figures out nested groups, permissions, inheritance, and even identifies folders where permissions aren’t functioning correctly.

Simulate and commit changes to safely remediate risk

A powerful commit engine can simulate access control changes in a sandbox and commit them when ready. DatAdvantage tracks and reports on multiple jobs, prevents errors with logic checks, and rolls changes back if needed.

Take remediation a step further. Automation Engine finds and safely fixes global groups and inconsistent permissions on entire servers with just a few clicks, making remediation projects exponentially faster than manual techniques

  1. Remove sharing permissions in one click
  2. Schedule actions during a change control window
  3. See exactly which users would be affected by a permissions change
  4. Roll back changes if needed

AI-powered recommendations

Our machine learning algorithm flags users with unnecessary access. Acting on these recommendations is a fast and accurate way to reduce risk and get to least privilege. Model permissions changes in a sandbox and commit
changes to Office 365 with just a few clicks.



Uncover misconfigurations and security gaps

Dashboards and reports help you find and fix things like overexposed sensitive data, misconfigured Active Directory settings, broken permissions, and more

Leverage dozens of built-in reports

Get trend reports, reports on permissions, active data, stale data, things that’ve changed, and things that need to be fixed. Run reports on demand, or schedule them for automatic delivery..

Find and archive stale data

DatAdvantage isolates stale data based on actual access activity from human users. Use Data Transport Engine’s flexible rules engine to automatically archive unused data based on your retention policies.

Detect internal and external threats with DatAlert

With DatAlert, get notified when something needs urgent attention – like someone accessing or encrypting a bunch of sensitive files, reading an executive’s email, or making changes to group policy outside of normal change control hours

Monitor privileged accounts

DatAdvantage auto-identifies executives, service accounts, and admins based on user behavior, group memberships, and other metadata. Varonis builds a baseline of normal activity and alerts you when anything anomalous happens.

Identify and involve data owners

Identify owners through DatAdvantage, and then assign them, so they get reports about their data and their groups automatically. With Data Privilege, you can give owners control – so they can safely manage and review access without IT’s help.


Get complete visibility and control over your data.

See why more than 6,200 of the world’s best companies use Varonis to protect their data from insider threats and cyberattacks.

Scale, speed, agility

As the market leader, our data security platform scales like no other. Varonis has been battle-tested for more than a decade on networks with billions of events per day across petabytes of data. You won’t even know we’re there.

  • Know where your sensitive data lives
  • Ensure only the right people have access
  • Detect and stop malware and insider threats
  • Sustain a secure environment without manual effort