Discover, classify, identify and protect your data. Any data. Any location. Any platform.

Complete, comprehensive data protection. On-prem and in the cloud. SecurEnvoy DLP prevents data loss from malware, insider threat and human error, working across multi-channels regardless of file type and across structured/unstructured data repositories.

Modern, simple and effective DLP


Built from the ground up, SecurEnvoy’s Data Loss Prevention provides a full solution for data discovery, data classification and data control, so you can apply simple and effective polices to protect all types of data and ensure full policy compliance.

A simple but comprehensive solution designed to deal with the challenges of big data growth, flexible working, new technology adoption, and the Cloud.

The increasing challenge of keeping track of data and protecting it, everywhere

  • Growing Cyber Security Threats

Human Error,Malicious Insider & External Threats

  • Greater Privacy & Compliance Expectations

GDPR, Potential Fines & Business Impact/Loss Threats, Reputation

  • Increasing Sensitive Data to Protect

I0T, ERP, CRM, CAD/CAM, Intellectual Property Threats

  • Growing Numbers of Devices

More & More Devices In/Outside the Workplace Threats

  • Remote Working

Protecting Data Outside the Office

  • Data On-Premise, Off-Premise and in the Cloud

Data On-Premise, Off-Premise and in the Cloud

Keeping track of sensitive data, anywhere

DLP can help you understand what sensitive information exists, where it is located, and the type of interaction they have. Once you have a full understanding, it is possible to quickly apply rules to how the data will be used by staff and external parties such as supply chain companies.

Implement policies to support user interaction with sensitive information across all aspects of a company’s data stores, whether this is within a trusted or a public cloud environment.


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How SecurEnvoy DLP works

  • SecurEnvoy’s DLP uses the identity of the user, the device and the data they are working on to prove exactly who is doing what at any time.
  • With increasing integrations with other parts of the security market, DLP has become essential for protecting organisations when newer technologies are to be adopted.
  • Our DLP solutions are unique from competitors as we address threats from trusted and un-trusted users,
    through unique intellectual algorithms and fingerprinting features.
  • SecureIdentity DLP conducts real-time inspection of all protocols, even ones that are unknown, and has the
    ability to stop data loss immediately.


Data Discovery and Loss Prevention, across all platforms, devices and applications

SecurEnvoy’s Data Discovery can scan structured and unstructured data, protecting sensitive data residing on Local PCs, File-shares, Exchange, PST/OST files, SharePoint, and any ODBC compliant database. It can also discover the same data in cloud services, such as Box, Dropbox, Hosted Exchange, Azure, Office 365, OneDrive, SharePoint and Google Drive.

Scans can be run as a batch process with results streamed to configure both local and external systems. Enterprise reporting on locations, file types and actual DLP Policies are also included as standard.

Rapid ROI, with deployment in minutes versus months.
Out-of-the box rules, meta data and customisable reports

Rapid Installation

Pre-built virtual appliance deployment and installation in around 30 minutes

Easy Cloud Deployment

Deployment across all cloud environments, including Office 365, G Suite, Box and others

Out of the Box Rules

Optimised and up-to-date out of the box rules so you don’t miss anything

Pre-set Meta Data

Unparalleled amount of Meta Data including last printed, last accessed, tags and many more.

Customisable Reports

Powerful report generator with an intuitive UI to customise reports