Database Activity Monitoring within SecureCloudDB’s Operational Security tool set provides a real-time view into activity across your environment.


Discover and Mitigate Threats in Real Time:

  • Database Activity Monitoring – Threat monitoring. SecureCloudDB shows users where data is being written, whether it’s been modified or removed, and who performed the action.
  • Alerting – Stop attacks in their tracks. Policies allow you to create alerts based on security rules and database activity. When anomalous activity is detected, or a security rule is breached, a corresponding alert is sent via email, AWS Security Hub, etc. based on the criteria that has been set.
  • Reporting – Regulatory compliance solutions, audit solutions, dashboards, privileged user auditing, separation of duties. Out-of-the-box dashboards and reporting provide a bird’s-eye view of the environment with the ability to export all data into an easy-to-read report for your executive and security teams.

Database Security Posture

SecureCloudDB’s Foundational Security tooling allows you to perform audits of your databases, backups and configurations against CIS benchmarks, AWS best practices, proprietary SecureCloudDB security rules and custom rules defined by the user.


Identify and Secure All Database Elements:

  • Asset Discovery – Inventories including location, geo-location, users, access
  • Vulnerability Assessments – Configuration verification and remediation
  • Security Risk Scoring – The security posture of databases at-a-glance