WEBINAR – Introducing Digital Risk Protection : A Critical New Addition to your Cybersecurity Strategy

  • Date :

    6th April 2021 (Tuesday)

  • Time :

    3PM GST

  • Venue :


As the world moves online, organizations of all sizes are taking advantage of cloud computing, Software-as-a-Service, and digital supply chains to deliver a better experience to their customers. But cybersecurity hasn’t kept up. Most security resources are still focused on defending the network and the data inside it.

With typical organizations using hundreds of external services and partners, ‘defending the perimeter’ is no longer enough. Your data is already outside. Even more relevant in a post-Covid world, when a large part of the workforce is working from home, and the perimeter of your organization is no longer visible.

This webinar explains how you can protect your organization, and your customer data, by making one simple change to your cybersecurity strategy. Start looking outside for your data. Join this webinar to learn how to manage digital risks for your organization, including:


  • Digital Risk Protection explained
  • Typical use cases, what data you should be looking for
  • The cyber threats Digital Risk Protection can help you avoid
  • Advanced techniques to protect your information, wherever if lives

Date : 6th April 2021 (Tuesday)

Time : 3PM GST


For Additional Details:

Contact : Murali | E-mail : murali@bulwark.biz

Phone : +971 56 508 3222 | www.bulwark.biz

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