Webtrends dramatically improves digital marketing results for many of the world’s most admired and innovative companies. Webtrends solutions have set a gold standard for innovation, performance and value since they helped establish the web analytics industry in 1993.

The diverse products and services portfolio includes customer intelligence and behavioral segmentation, targeting + scoring, optimization + testing, mobile and social apps creation and Facebook Page management, professional consulting services, real-time web analytics, unified digital analytics across mobile, social and web, and general digital marketing wizardry. Webtrends partners with more than 3,500 clients and some of the most admired brands around the globe, including Associated Press, Barclays, BMW, China Telecom, Coca-Cola, Urban Outfitters, Hitachi, Microsoft, The New York Times and Petrobras and RIM.

“We provide marketers a competitive advantage through unified customer intelligence and optimization across mobile, social and web – all digital channels. We power digital marketing success and remarkable ROI.”

Alex Yoder
CEO, Webtrends

Webtrends Streams


The future of real-time intelligence

Digital analytics moves fast, but customers move faster—until now. Webtrends Streams delivers rich data on each individual visitor, and does it faster than real-time. How fast? For the first time ever, you can see data instantly and act on it when it matters most: at the exact moment customers are engaged with your social, mobile or online property.

No time delay. No after-the-fact guesswork. You’ll have live data with precisely the information you need to create more relevant digital experiences for your customers, so they’ll visit often and stay longer.

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Website Measurement

Now that your website isn’t your only marketing channel any more, you need to re-evaluate how it fits into your overall marketing plan. Webtrends Website Measurement gives you a new perspective—and new insight. You can still track any action that’s happening on any of your domains. But a unified view of customer data allows you to see that activity in the context of all of your digital channels, for a better understanding of what’s working and what isn’t. A team of experts will help you every step of the way, including the design and management of a measurement strategy that meets your business goals.

See website results fast with Heatmaps.

Webtrends Analytics includes Heatmaps, a way to display data in a visual form so you can see what customers are most interested in on your website. Simply select pages, apply the overlay, and the sections with the most clicks will appear as hotspots on the page. The less popular sections will remain dark.

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