IT security products have become as complex as the networks they’re trying to secure. At Sophos, the solution to complexity is not more complexity. Security challenges are handledwith clarity and confidence, knowing that simple security is better security.

Network Protection:

Sophos UTM helps you consolidate your security without compromising its effectiveness. By combining multiple security layers, it’s simple to protect your users everywhere while making security easier to deploy and manage.

What's Protected

  • All computers, mobile devices and servers on a network
  • Branch offices and remote users connected with VPN
  • Email and web servers and even Wi-Fi users


  • SG UTM: The ultimate network security package
  • XG Firewall: The next thing in next-gen
  • Secure Wi-Fi: Super secure, super Wi-Fi
  • Sophos Web Appliance: Complete web protection everywhere
  • Secure Email Gateway: Simple protection for a complex problem


Enduser Protection:

Our endpoint protection will keep data in and malware out—all within your antivirus budget. And we protect your mobile devices and servers.

What's Protected

  • All computers, mobile devices, and servers on a network.
  • Encryption for devices and file shares.
  • Mobile devices and laptops on the go.


  • Enduser Protection Bundles: Comprehensive security for users and data
  • Endpoint Protection:On-premise or cloud based threat protection for Windows,Mac and Linux
  • Sophos Cloud: Sophos Security. Cloud Simplicity
  • Mobile Control :Countless devices,one solution.
  • SafeGuardEncryption :Protecting your data,wherever it goes.


Server Protection:

Our antivirus protection delivers more effective, faster protection across your network of physical or virtual servers.

What's Protected

  • Broad platform support for Windows, UNIX and Linux servers.
  • Small memory footprint won’t slow you down. Our antivirus agent has low performance impact, and is optimized for virtualization.
  • HIPS protection for Windows is easy to deploy and manage.



  • Virtualization Security: Performs like it isn’t there. Protects because it is.
  • Server Security: Pro-server. Anti-virus.
  • SharePoint Security: Collaborate in confidence.
  • Network Storage Antivirus: High-tech security for high-tech storage.
  • PureMessage: Good news for you. Bad news for spam.

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